05 February 2011

In Conclusion

I'd like to conclude today's Blog-a-thon with a special shout-out to one of the special people in my life who made today's blogging possible...

Sleepyhead N. (As if you haven't seen enough of her in the last zillion posts, huh?!)

I took this picture at about 11:30am. This was soon after she woke up from her sleepyhead state that she had been enjoying since 7:30am.

Let me clarify, just in case you're not good with numbers: MY DAUGHTER SLEPT FROM 7:30PM UNTIL 11:30AM.


Some say growth spurt? I hope that that is the explanation for such a long night's sleep.

She wanted her bottle bad when she woke up. I appeased her.

And then I cradled her in my arms most of the time when she was drinking it. Cause I missed her over the last 16 hours, and cause sometimes... when she is willing, I like to cuddle her in my arms like she is a wittle itty bitty baby again.

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