14 February 2011

Love, in Photographs

(for the man I love)

(and the boy I love)

(love breakfast in the big bed)

(juice in a lovely tea cup)

(love the big bed, in general)

(perfectly packaged gifts with love)

(love little directions)

(love her sweet moments of play)

(simple craft love)

(felt kit sent by Grammi, with love)

(cute love monkeys)

(silly love lenses)

(heartfelt love gifts given)

(heart shaped gifts received that are lovely in my tummy.)

(tree o' love)

(handmade ornament o' love number 1)

(handmade ornament o' love number 2)

(handmade ornament o' love number 3)

(strawberry shortcake with my love)

(plant from my love)

(love. love. love)


Can you tell? I love this day!

And I love him and him and her...

And I love making the day special.

And I love you too.

Happy Valentines Day.


  1. And Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!
    Glad you got the craft stuff in time.
    You sure do know how do do a special day up right!

  2. Wow, what a lovely day (all puns intended)! That last pic of N looks like it could have been professionally done-- you did a gorgeous job with such a beautiful and happy little girl! Happy Valentine's Day to you all! And my (belated) condolences to you all for M's grandfather; it sounds like he was an amazing man who will be greatly missed until the day you can all be reunited in that perfect place.

  3. Wow! You are a talented woman! I wanna know how to make that first tree ornament... From one of the recipients of the packages, thank you very much! The contents have all been much appreciated, admired, played with and eaten as appropriate, and we felt loved. In fact, we all got "the bug" and the kids spent the afternoon making valentine cards for Daddy. (-: <3


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