22 February 2011

Mama's in Charge!

Mike is in Kenya at a conference. I am holding down the fort with the two littles here in the meantime. It's only for five days.

My coping strategies are:

1. Find someplace to go every day. This is harder than it sounds.
2. Don't be afraid to spend money. Money buys food at restaurants and sometimes a restaurant is about the only place to go.
3. Drink a strong caffeinated beverage at exactly 12 noon every day. This should propel me through kiddie nap-time awake but (hopefully) not keep me up at night.
4. Ignore the way the car is acting funny. Denial is ignorance. Ignorance is bliss. (?!)
5. Eat that chocolate bar I found at the bottom of the drawer in the fridge.
6. Remind myself that Mikey will get his turn to be in charge of the two littles next week when I get to be the one on a solo trip.
7. Call my Mom and ask her to please tell me that a child's brain function cannot be permanently harmed from several days of over-exposure to television.
9. Organize stuff. This always helps me cope with life.
10. Scrapbook.
11. Sew.
12. Finish that novel I am reading.

Huh. That list somehow turned into a list of my hobbies. I suppose hobbies help me cope.

Aaaanyway... I've never been alone with BOTH kiddos in this country for an extended amount of time before. I have been alone with them on airplanes across the world. And I figure that's way harder. Therefore I'm not concerned about these five days.

Check back later for the actual outcome.

If water cuts or power cuts or internet cuts or if the crazy political happenings that are currently spreading through this region spread here then it might be a different story.

But I'm pretty sure we're gonna be just fine.

1 comment:

  1. Here's praying that all goes well and that we get a happy update of wonderful outcomes in the next five days! :)


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