13 February 2011


I saw this ad in a magazine awhile back.

Mmmmm. Nutella.

I remember when I first learned of Nutella's existence here on planet Earth. (I'm naturally assuming here that it's been pantry staple in heaven since the beginning of all time... where all things are delicious and wholesome (?), right?).


It was 1999 and we had just welcomed our dear German exchange student Bini into our home.

And she introduced us to Nutella.

That is one of the reasons why I love her.

And for your information she was much more of an insta-sister than she was an exchange student.


Aaaaaanway... the ad.

There were lots of words on this ad. First of all I think it's funny that they think I'll want to serve Nutella.

They're wrong.

If we happen to have it in our house (which is about 5% of the time), my tendency is to want to hoard it in the back of the fridge and eat it when no one else is looking.

Serving it would mean more for others and less for me. And that would be just plain crazy.


Okay, okay... I could possibly see serving it for a special meal. But serving it daily to my children who wouldn't know how to fully appreciate it?


And my other favorite part is when they mention 'a hint of cocoa'.

Wait. A HINT?

They're kidding, right?



  1. Ha! Love it. They have the same line of commercials on in the US touting Nutellas wholesomeness as if it is a simple substitution for peanut butter. Riiiight.

    The Middle FEF

  2. Well, my sweet girl just tried her first sugar ever on Sunday, and what was it you might ask? Nutella. Yes. We gave her a little spoon and she sat on the counter for 20 mins sucking on that spoon, saying" mmmmm" and holding her lil spoon towards the Nutella jar for the possibility of more:)


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