28 February 2011

A Puppy in these Parts

We have a puppy around these parts.

Only if you call him 'puppy' he may inform you that he is not a puppy, but a 'medium dog.'

Medium dog. Got it.

Medium doggy likes to start every sentence with "Ruff ruff." If you are a good medium doggy caretaker, you too, will begin each sentence with "Ruff ruff."

This doggy walks around on all fours,

gives doggy kisses,

does this (whatever this is)...

and sleeps in his doggy bed.

Baby doggy see medium doggy do?... baby doggy do too.

(say that five times fast)

And after doggy is done frolicking around, doggy puts doggy bed on the coffee table, drapes it in a quilt, and settles in for some book reading, naturally.

Ruff ruff.

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