23 February 2011


Since my hubby is gone and my evenings are full of... well, nothing... I set me up a table in my bedroom (directly under the A/C, FYI) with all my scrapbook stuff. During kiddy naptime and after kiddy bed-time I sit myself down for a little creative creating session. It's like water to my soul. Except when I drop a little piece of paper that would have looked so nice under that one photo under the bed, got down on my hands and knees to find it, and then came up empty handed. Then I wanted to cuss. That wasn't a very watery moment, frankly.

But usually it's watery. You know, refreshing.

While we're using the strange term watery to describe scrapbooking, let me apply it in another way.

My baby boy is growing up... WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

[tears streaming down my face]

Currently I am re-doing H's book from the beginning. And this is the beginning.

Me. Prego.

And I have to say, that this is a taaaaaame photo of me prego. I mean, if you saw one of the pictures of me when I was NINE months pregnant, you'd be shielding your eyes from fear that that belly was gonna pop ya right in the eye.

And if you, heaven forbid, happened to see the photos that my mother actually had the nerve to take of me actually in labor?! Well, then you'd be shielding your eyes, smacking your laptop lid closed and calling up the hospital for an immediate tube-tying.

I know I did.

Just kidding.

I did not. But you already know that, cause you know that I did the whole thing again, two years and two months later.

Aaaaanyway, after the small human being that had been taking up residence in my body managed to find it's way out... this is what we had on our hands...

Lord help us all.

My baaaaaaaaaaaby!!!!

learning to sit up *sniff sniff*

and just llllllllooook at those eyes!

He was in Aunt Julie and Uncle Curt's wedding at eight months old.

And now aunt Julie and Uncle Curt are going to have a wee wittle baby of their OOOOOOWN!!


(happy crying, this time, of course!)

I can't take it.

Turning one. I don't know how this happened so fast. Or why it had to.

And this haircut.

This is the haircut that made my baby into a boy.

Please God, why?!

This day I remember so well. Friends. Pool. Toddler. Chips. And that belly on that boy.

Oh my. That belly.

This too.

I can't decide if this was yesterday or sixty-five years ago.

Whenever it was, it was wonderful.

Our boy. When he was the age that our girlie is now.


What treasures they are. What a privilege to watch them grow.

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