24 February 2011

Today: Day Three, No Daddy

Today I had no shame singing in my car, driving all through the city.

Today I wondered why I ever bother to use my turn signal.

Today I am thankful for life in a foreign country, where sometimes I feel like I've literally been 'tossed into the fire' these last five years. I think maybe I'm being purified at a much faster speed than I would be in my comfort zone of America.

Today I got tears in my eyes as I ate lunch sitting next to my baby girl. Her giggles and smiles really just make my heart explode.

Today I wondered how can it possibly get 20 degrees hotter?

Today I was tempted to buy a third entire carton of strawberries this strawberry season.

Today I had such a strange feeling as I drove away from my house leaving one lady inside cleaning it and another friend inside watching my daughter. Is this colonial times or something? Am I some 'Lady of the Manor'? Certainly not. I am just a young woman who lives a sometimes unusual and surreal life overseas.

Today H announced that he had to got to the potty exactly two minutes after we loaded up three kids and left his school. I detoured on a dirt road, got him out and had him pee in a pile of broken tile. At which point a gust of wind blew and my head-scarf blew through his little stream of pee. No more covering of the head after that point.

Today I read this written on the back of a van: "As long as you love me, baby... I love you." Awwww. Isn't that sweet. *rolling eyes*

Today I had a confusing conversation with my boy about turning left. "You're right! We just turned left." "No Mommy, we didn't turn right, we turned left." "That's right. I mean, that's correct... we turned left." "We turned left Mommy, not right!" "Okay, H." "That's not right Mommy, we turned left!" "Okay, H."

Today N went looking for her Daddy in his office. "Dada? Dada?" *sad*

Today my kids were playing together so nicely that I considered letting them skip their afternoon naps entirely. Then I came to my senses.

Today I made a temporary switch from scrapbooking to sewing.

Today I listened to Carmina Burana and am amazed that I can, at times, still sing along. Almost twenty years later.

Today I wondered why do I ever ask the fruit man if the apples are fresh? What is he gonna tell me?... "No."??

Today the ants claimed one dirty diaper and one peanut butter cookie.

Today was wonderful and now I say goodnight.


  1. love it! I used to do that in China too... ask if things are good or fresh. Funny that we do that. Maybe it's a just way to "acknowledge" them.

  2. I'm so glad you're having a great week! It sounds like it's really going well for you flying solo with two kids! I'll pray that the last couple days continue as smoothly. I say go for the extra strawberries this season (enjoy them with some of those brownie mixes you're using up now too)!
    Just FYI: About 10th paragraph/sentence down you may want to edit where you accidentally typed out H's full name. :)

  3. Thanks L! I don't always catch myself... thanks for the alert!! :)


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