21 March 2011

Exhibit A,B and C (Mess, Glorious Mess -The Sequel)

So I came home from my solo afternoon at the hotel a couple days ago feeling cool and refreshed. It was while I was there that I had been doing a lot of writing and spent time reflecting on my current season of life. I was just chuckling away at all my recent faux pas and how crazy and fun life is these days. During that time I wrote the post previous to this one, called Mess, Glorious Mess. Did you read it? If you didn't, read it before you continue reading this post. K?


Okay, read it? Good.

I had no idea that my evening would be dripping in the irony of what I had spent my afternoon writing about.

Let me share with you how the remainder of that day went.

I came home and thought "Aaaaaahhh! I have to feed my family. What shall we eat? It's almost dinner time." Then I grabbed a bag of zucchini/lentil/rice soup from the freezer and threw it in a pan on the stove on low.

Dinner crisis averted. It'll just thaw and heat up while I do some things around the house.

Well, 'some things around the house' turned into an hour running errands. It was only when I was one block from returning home that the thought of the soup resurfaced in my swirling, dysfunctional cranium (see previous post, if you ignored me last time I told you to read it first).

As soon as I walked in the stairway I knew I was too late. Much much too late.

Now, exhibit A.

Indeed. Zucchini/lentil/rice soup had been transformed into charred zucchini/lentil/rice loaf.


So typical these days. So ironic in light of my earlier writing endeavors.

I threw the stuff out to further stink up the stairwell and went with plan B for dinner, which at this point I can't recall. But no matter.

While I was cooking unknown Plan B dinner I also wanted to clean some vegetables that I had just purchased. To do that I first have to fill a big bowl with filtered water. So I put the bowl on a stool under the water filter, opened the tap on the filter and waited for it to fill.

It, of course, wasn't filling fast enough so I naturally began to multi-task in the kitchen. Then all thoughts of filling the bowl with filtered water snuck from the forefront of my mind to somewhere in the back... you know, where all the toys and laundry (and burnt dinners) and stuff is swirling around.

It only popped to the front again when filtered water was not only filling the bowl but also making a good sized puddle in the center of my kitchen floor.


So typical these days. So ironic in light of my earlier writing endeavors.

That was Exhibit B. No picture though. Sorry.

But it does not end there folks. Oh no it doesn't.

As I'm now trying to finish cooking unknown Plan B dinner and trying to not step and slip in the giant filtered water puddle in the middle of my kitchen... my boy H came wandering into the kitchen.

He wanted me to see that he had put on one of my sandals. He looked silly with one of my gold strappy sandals on.

But wait, weren't those the shoes I had on?

I glance down.

No. Way.

Yes. Way.


So typical these days. So ironic in light of my earlier writing endeavors.

To the fancy hotel. To the fruit stand. To the vegetable stand. To the supermarket.

Two entirely mis-matched shoes. Like, not even close.

And that, my friends, is Exhibit C.

And it's had me laughing ever since. And crying. But not I've-lost-my-mind-crying, but laughing-so-hard-I-have-tears-running-down-my-face (and the faces of my Mom and Sister on the other side of Skype) kind of crying.

Now you have proof. I told you I was a mess. A happy mess, yes... but such a mess, glorious mess...


  1. Oh, that made me laugh aloud almost to tears. I needed a good laugh, thanks for letting me laugh with you!!

  2. That is hilarious! I got a good laugh out of it, too!

  3. I just laughed out loud--you can capture the seemingly mundane, yet insanely hilarious moments in life so well!



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