14 March 2011

Favorite Thing

N has a favorite thing. Well, she probably has more than one.

She knows right where to find it.

Here it is!!

It's a little satchel bag from Lufthansa that H got when the kiddos and I were on this trip last year.

H loves to pack it up and take it on outings and N likes to pretend to pack it too. Here it looks like she's planning a picnic of corn on the cob. Except she never actually manages to get anything in the bag. I guess she doesn't love it for it's functionality...

But for it's pure fashion genius.

Or something like that.

Wouldn't you just love to know what is going on in her wittle baby head?

Me too.

All I know is that this bag is sure to please her.

And make you want to squeeze her.

(rhyme not intended, but liked)

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