28 March 2011

Made by Me Monday

Today was project day. And that means that all 'normal' duties and chores get postponed and all possible time is applied toward a project. (Read: House becomes insanely messy because small toddling girl is permitted to get into anything and everything because Mommy just wants to be able to finish something substantial by the end of the day.)

Got the picture?

Thought so.

I won't show you pictures of what my daughter accomplished today but I will show you pictures of what I accomplished!

Do you know what they are?

Um. Personalized travel bags?

Ya know... to throw all the small bits and bobs in when you're traveling around the world.

Now I can just throw H's small socks and baseball hat and toddler undies in his zipper bag and I don't have to dig through 50 pounds of other various clothing and miscellaneous paraphernalia while I'm trying to dress him in the morning in a tiny hotel room. I just reach for his easily-spotted bag, unzip it, and pull out the needed item.

I'm so smart.

But ask me in a few months how they actually worked out.

I take that back. Don't ask me. Cause you don't really care. And I'm okay with that.

Really, I am.

Don't tell Mike that his doesn't exactly scream 'I'M A MANLY TRAVEL BAG.'

But don't judge him, we ain't got no JoAnn fabrics here people. But we do have my friend Lucy, who is really generous with her super cute fabrics! Thanks Lucy!

Mine seems to be the largest.

This is probably a good thing.

Here are the other two things I made.

This is cause my daughter has strong feelings about her drinks.

When she wants 'em... she wants 'em.

And when she's done... she's really done and she wants the cup/bottle away from her. Like... far out of sight, and she'll throw them with great gusto if she decides they are no longer worthy to be in her presence. She's a passionate girl. I wouldn't get on her wrong side if I were you.

So this way, if she suddenly goes from happily guzzling her bottle as we're strolling her through an airport to feeling like that darn bottle is now her arch enemy and must be cast out of sight to the diseased floor... theeeeeeen the handy dandy strap I sewed today will rescue it from being lost forever because Mom and Dad were trying to find the correct gate or chasing big brother down the people mover or doing how-many-carry-ons-are-we-currently-carrying math or straining their eyes to spot a Starbucks or wondering "Huh, where's that guy from?" or trying to do exchange rate math in their heads or tying shoes or rubbing sleep from their eyes or doing time-zone math and didn't happen to see baby sister toss the bottle from the stroller.

Good idea, huh?


  1. Oh my goodness! I love how much you can get done in a day! You have taken that ability (certainly inherited from your daddy, not from me!!) and risen to a whole new level with it!!
    And your creations are beyond cute!! I"m sure they'll prove very useful!

  2. i love them!!! did you use a sewing machine to get the letters on?

  3. Thanks for your compliments! Yes Amanda, I have a machine. I used to have and oooold machine, but Mom and Dad brought over a brand new (and teeny tiny) machine that has been working great!

    I actually ironed the letters on first with interfacing (?) and then zig zagged around them.

  4. The bottle saver is an amazing idea. My little girl is the exact same way, so this could be great for the car. I am forever digging bottles out from under the seats or losing them in parking lots because they fall out. Did you just put a tight-fitting piece of elastic in the sleeve?

  5. Hi April! Yes... it is just a piece of elastic sewn as tight as I could and still get it around the bottle/sippy cup. There is still a chance that baby girl will be able to yank it off. But I'm hoping not!!

  6. You.are.brilliant.

    The end.


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