22 March 2011

Playmate Today

H had a playmate this morning. We did many fun things together (and Mama still got some of her own stuff done too!)

Stickers masterpieces. Nice.

Followed by an outing to feed the tortoise at the Guest House.

A trip to the ducaan (store) to buy snacks. This was followed by much running, jumping and skipping up and down this brick ramp. Who knew the ducaan could be SO much fun?

(not me)

(until now)

(and now I know)

Scratch 'n sniff painting! Big hit. Got that idea here.

Sandbox. Always fun.

Play-dough creations.

And a lunch little boys dream of...


  1. A tortoise at the guest house?! And scratch-n-sniff painting?! So cool!!! I can only imagine what my high school students would think if I told them about scratch-n-sniff painting... They thought the (really gross) taco-smelling scracth-n-sniff stickers I found were the coolest thing ever (or at least for this week). :)

  2. I wanna play with the turtle!!!


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