18 March 2011

Redemption IV - Family Fun Park

We're on a redemption roll, aren't we?!

I redeemed my fourth Christmas Coupon this evening with a trip to a local family fun park. We organized to go with friends... cause, well... it's just more fun with friends!

The place was busier than I expected but there was plenty of space for our mats on the ground.

We got a bit settled in...

and Sweet N wasted no time breaking into the Doritos we brought.

Can't say I blame her.

The bigger kids ran off to buy tickets to what I call The Big Big Toy Cage.

Cause prettymuch it was a big cage full of big toys.

Look at that face. Just look at it.

This was the most popular big toy. You can't see him, but my boy is climbing up with the best the bigger kids.

See his orange shirt just ahead of red shirt kid?

My theory is that the crowd somehow pushed him up the ramp. He was such a little guy he completely disappeared amongst the rest.

Um, H? Are you okay? Still there?

There he is!

He's thrilled.

Trying to slide...

Better late than never! Ha!

Such fun.

Can you guess who is at the top of the ramp again? Please note the backup being caused by you-know-who...

Down again!

This is how he usually finished the slide.

Or like this.

Or like this. (awkward)

Or this.

Or like this.

Wow, this is really getting comical. He really had a rough time at the bottom, huh?

Last one. Promise.

He never minded all the tumbling, scraping, and rolling though.

Not once.

In fact, I think he loved every second of it.

Back out on the mat he did as any puppy would and ate popcorn out of his hat while his baby sister tried to get a handful too.

Ahem... I see what you're reaching for (again) baby girl. Don't you think you've had enough?


While big brother was off exploring, Sweet N literally spent almost the entire evening crawling around on the mats getting into whatever food she could get her little fingers on. Her mother never tried to stop her. At one point she was shaking a bag of doritos and throwing crumbs all over her head.

Oh well. No harm done.

It kept her occupied. And happy. And cheesy. Very nacho cheesy.

This guy is just so cute. He had a much more healthful approach to eating on the mat. Isn't he the cutest Egyptian/Dutch boy you've ever seen? And if you think he's cute to look at... you should hear him say "uh oh"...

Here's some of our family fun park companions!

These two couldn't get enough of the pigs in blankets that I brought and even had mouthfuls for the picture!

We were so happy to share this evening with them all (and another family that declined photos!... It's okay R, I have my days when I don't want my photo taken either...) :)

But today wasn't one of those days for me. Wow. We look so happy.

I think it's cause we are.

What a great way to spend an evening...

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