10 March 2011


I'm a spring.

As in, I have a spring skin-tone.

Maybe I was told this sometime in my past. But if I was, I don't remember.

Anyway... this is one of the fun ways that we were pampered at the retreat last week... A lady who oozed gentleness and love sat me down in front of a window and draped various colored fabrics and cloths under my chin. She'd slowly draw them away one by one while intently studying my face and the effect that the colors had on my complexion until she declared her conclusion as to what 'season' my skin is.

I wasn't too familiar with this before. I knew that some colors were good on some skin and some were bad, inherently. That was the extent of my knowledge.

And I learned that some colors I wear a lot are awful on me. My eyes are baby blue, so I always assumed that a shirt that matched my eyes would bring out my eyes and therefore look good.



Turns out that I should wear yellow toned colors. Any color, really, as long as it has a yellow undertone instead of a blue undertone. For instance... milk chocolate on me? (the color, friends... not the food smeared on my cheek cause I ate a candy bar in haste) is a good on me, but dark chocolate (the color)?... awful. Apparently.

Do you know what the shock of my lifetime was? (I admit some sensationalism here)...


I tried on yellow probably once in my adolesence, saw how it made my face look red and splotchy and gross and have spent every day since then making sure the color never got within 24 inches of my face. It's the one color I KNEW was awful on me.

But I was wrong.

But I can wear yellow. It just has to be the right color yellow. You know, a yellow with a yellow undertone.

Yeah. Not sure how to spot that exact color, but I do think I'll know a good one or a bad one when I try it on.

And so, yellow now gets another chance with me.

Just so you know, I realize you don't care about any of this. I'm mostly posting this here on the blog because I'm afraid that I'll forget. And I don't want to forget. I figure if I post it in cyber space, then at least if I forget what season my skin tone is, I might be able to possibly conjure up the memory "But wait, didn't I write that down somewhere so that I wouldn't forget?..." and then maaaaaybe I'll remember that I posted it here on my wee wittle blog. Then I'll look it up and be enlightened all over again.


Wanna see springs colors?

Don't care?

Oh well.

I want them here so that I can remind myself after I forget.

This came from this site. Look up your own, if you want.

Now I really have no excuses for wearing the wrong color. Except what about the things that I already own that are the wrong color? Does skin-tone-ology require that I toss them out?

I hope not.

This transition needs time, people. Time. I want to be a better person, I really do. But it doesn't happen overnight...


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