25 March 2011

Tissue Fun

We don't buy paper towels here but I do put a box of tissues in one of my kitchen drawers to serve kinda the same purpose. Sorta. Kinda.

Recently, N figured out that she can reach those tissues.


and pull

and 'blow'

and toss.


and pull

and blow

and toss.

My my her nose is runny, wouldn't you say?

Then she spontaneously crumbled into a ball on the floor

to throw a fit fit for a two year old, not for my lil' one year old... Can you see her face? Just look at her...

Don't ask me why she's threw a fit. I am her mother, not a psychic. There was honest-to-goodness not a good reason that I could identify.

Also, don't ask me about her outfit. I am her mother, not a fashion designer and I have no comment.

1 comment:

  1. Could she no longer reach the tissues?
    Or maybe she was trying to come up with ANOTHER reason to need more tissues! :)


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