08 April 2011

Asleep Beside Me

This afternoon I laid down with my boy. It's probably been years since he fell asleep in my arms and today, as often happens when I manage to stop being busy and give my attention to him, my heart was just bursting with love. So I snuggled in next to him, wrapped my arm around him and put my forehead against his.

Mikey and I have never shared our bed much with our kiddos and falling asleep next to Mommy is not the norm. So for awhile he was chatty and restless. But when I was still and quiet he settled in, got comfortable with his head near mine and his arm wrapped around my neck. His breathing steadied and he fell asleep.

I just watched him sleep as mothers do sometimes and was so overwhelmed at the gift he is to me. Who knew one small boy could bring so much love and joy into my life?

I want to remember those moments forever.

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