12 April 2011

Backseat Commentary

Lately, if you ride in the car with my boy, you may hear things like this:

"She's a nut" (referring to his sister, I think)

"Mama, I think dey want to see how pretty she is!" (probably referring to all the people in the bus staring in the windows. Sweet of H though, huh?)

"You're teasing me ooout..." (not sure)

"If dere is sand in the sky... dat's weeeeird." (only it's really not so weird in these parts!)

"Hey der."
"Hey der bus driver."
"Hey der car driver."

"Evweeone is teasing me ouut."

"Evweeone is at da stop wine! Dey're gonna wait for da wight and den dey're all gonna wace!"

"Pleeeeeechch." (don't ask)
"Squuuuaa" (not sure)

"You're doing good Mama!" (Awww, it's so nice to hear encouragement while driving in madness!)

"Go faster!" (not a good idea)

"Deez cars are going dat way and doze cars are going da oder way and all doze cars are going dis way!"

"All deez cars are teasing me out too!"

"You have to go weeeal fast so evweeone can win da race!!" (interesting strategy)

"Mama, we're doing good!"

"Mama, I sink we're winning da race!"

And we were only about ten minutes into the ride.


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