24 April 2011

Easter Day in Pictures

This morning we watched the sun rise over the Nile.

What a special service.

What a special day.

Special people.

No, not that kind of special.


Why don't we always have sandboxes in the middle of church? Works wonders to keep the kids quiet and happy.

Just somethin' to think about.

One of N's favs.

More sand. She's not sure this time.

Oh, but HE'S sure.

H + the Beach = Happy forever and ever amen.

She made a break for it.

(I caught her)

The location.

Later, egg dying!

And basket finding!

And introductions.

Sweet N, meet jellybean.

Jellybean, meet Sweet N.

Aaah. ForGET the jellybean... I could eat HER!

But she gave it a try.

And she tucked it away in those irresistible cheekies of hers, drooled jellybean goo on her Easter dress (not pictured), watched her Mama freak out that she was getting her Easter dress all dirty before we even left the house (not pictured), got her Easter dress all wet from the dishrag (not pictured) and wasn't given any more jellybeans.

That was just in case you were wondering how the jellybean thing panned out.

And while we're on the topic of things from today that are not pictured.... another not-pictured thing is that Mikey failed to see a ginormous speed bump at 5:30am (could happen to anyone that silly speed bump is so incredibly invisible and so incredibly huge) and must have gotten us some significant air between our tires and the road.

And no, it was not fun. Thanks for asking.

I realize that this side-note has little to no relevance to Easter or the relevant proceedings thereof (?!), other than it happened today on Easter and that I suppose it could be one (five) more reason(s) to praise God (for seatbelts, carseats, that we always use our seatbelts, usually put the kids in the carseats and that now we got our yearly chiropractic adjustments that we never get already out of the way... and for free!)

I'm done now. Done with the side-note, that is.

I'm not done with this though.

Or should I say her...

Strike a pose.

I can't take it.

Her cuteness is almost unbearable.

I said 'I CAN'T TAKE IT!'

Oh, what is that you say?

Speak up.

You say I'm the one who keeps posting more and more pictures of the girlie in her sweet dress?


I suppose I am.

I'll stop then.

After just one more.

Okay. Now I'm done.

She was just so darn cute with those eggies.


Oh dear.

Someone has to stop me.

Let's move on.

CHURCH! (Yes, twice in one day... Glory Halleluiah!)

It was the kiddos turn to 'lead' the service.

And this was our big moment.

My (and Leah's) class (the 3-6 year olds of which only about half showed up today The Big Day but that all seem to show up when I need to be closed in a VERY small room with them for forty-five minutes with no tranquilizers or snacks) had their big solo song. That means they sang without the big kids.

Cool, huh?

I know that I was out of breath at the end of the song but I'm not sure how much singing they actually did.

But they did far surpass me in cuteness.

Now, the fact that H has a microphone in front of him might make you think he uttered a peep.

Let me please inform you that he, in fact, did not utter a peep. Nor did he move a muscle to join in any of the movements.

But he did stand there.

*High five H!* "Great job!" (We try to stay positive and encouraging, you know).

Sweet N stayed busy eating Corn Flakes and eating Craisins and jingling her Pakistani bangles that were gifted to her upon arrival.

Watch out! They're made of glass! (I know, who'd a-thunk they'd make baby bracelets out of glass?!)

And for my dear Mother-in-Law and also for the record at social services... there were no injuries.


Aaaanyway... then the big kids performed a powerful drama...

...and the little kids were enthralled.

And that was about the end.

So here we are...

...Thankful for each other, the life God has given us here and most of all...

...that He is alive!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. Wow, I have always thought that your children were beautiful... but these are some even more gorgeous pics of N!! I love the sunrise Easter service at the Nile. What a cool way to start and celebrate that He is risen!!


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