30 April 2011

H says Goodbye

This is a big buddy of H's, Benjamin.

He recently had to say goodbye to him (for a couple years).


This is another big buddy, Ezra, that we had to say goodbye to.

My boy has a lot of big buddies.

I like that.


Sometimes my boy says: "I feel sick Mommy." And I ask "What hurts baby?" and he says: "I miss my fwend Ezra."

And then I feel sad.

Goodbyes are a part of our lifestyle... we say a lot of them around here. But it has started to hurt more recently because now my boy is understanding more and he can feel the pain too.

This was their goodbye hug.

Does it make you hurt?

Just look at 'em.

And there are more goodbyes to come this week. Lord have mercy.

All this goodbye-ing makes me excited for Glory when goodbyes will literally be a thing of the past...

1 comment:

  1. Awww, I hurt for you guys having to say some long-term goodbyes. So sweet-- "I miss Ezwa". On the other hand, it's sweet to know how much he's growing and truly learning to connect to and love people, despite the hurt in parting.


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