03 April 2011

Hello Summer

Today the temperature was around 110 F.

Lord have mercy. Summer is here. Sweaty, moody, short-tempered, can't-get-nearly-as-much done-as-I-want-to, do-I-have-a-wet-mark-on-my-bottom-from-sweat? summer. A friend of mine actually had to take her earrings off today because the sun was hitting them just the right way to heat them up and begin to burn her earlobes.

Now that is summer, my friends. Yowzers.

I mean, I should have been expecting it, right? Winter hung on for dear life around here this year and we are soooooo thankful.

But today it was just plain hot. We were out most of the day and sitting directly in front of the AC in the car hardly even took the edge off. Hot.

Am I a broken record here? I think you get it. I'll try not to use the H word again.

And it exhausted me. But please, can someone puh-lease tell me why 110 degree temps don't exhaust my children like they do adults? I mean it is uncanny. It is ludicrous. It is just plain un-fair how much energy my children still had today.

Wait! Don't go! I have a positive side too! Can you believe it?!

Today I discovered that when it's 110 outside and your living room air cooler is broken it is not necessary to bother hanging the cloth diapers on the line to dry.

Just dump them on the rug, turn on the ceiling fan, go to church, come home and find them dry.

See? There is something good about the arrival of summer. I am rather surprised myself...

p.s. We have at least 10 more degrees to go.

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