26 April 2011

A Horse

Ever heard of those crazy people who see images of things or people in their toast or grilled cheese sandwiches or chex-mix or whatever and then try to sell it on eBay?

Yeah. That could have been me. Actually, as L so smartly noted... it's not the crazy people who sell the stuff (they're actually quite astute, wouldn't you say?).. but it's the crazy people who BUY the stuff.


I think I could have sold this on eBay... that is, if I could somehow find some reason to say that this image of a horse that H found in his cow cheese cracker is directly related to the Royal Wedding of William and Kate coming up on Friday.

It's really quite a remarkable looking horse, don't you agree?

Wait! Look! This looks just like one of the horses that is gonna pull the carriage down The Mall after the couple ties the knot!! See... it's the spittin' image of, erm... that one horse named Colonel who is the newest in a long line of royal-horse-lineage that has served Buckingham Palace for five hundred years.

Have you ever heard about the Buckingham Palace royal-horse-lineage?

Well... you're really missing out!!

Click below to place a bid for the cheese and cracker on eBay.

Just kiddin'.

He actually ate it.

So, I guess he only has himself to blame for gobbling up (literally) his college education fund.

Next time H spots something in his processed cheese cracker I'll try to encase it in glass a bit faster...

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