17 April 2011

Naptime Indulgences

Lately, I've been indulging when the kids both take naps (at the same time... Glory! Halleluiah!) in the afternoons.

My indulgences often include:

A. Showering in peace. This means:
1. I shower without putting the baby in her tripod in the bathroom with me and listening to her wail the whole time I attempt to rinse all sweat and dust off myself while simultaneously keeping up a a constant (failing) game of peek-abo from behind the shower curtain.


2. I shower without leaving the curtain halfway open, straining my neck to glance down the hall to see what my kiddos are up to and yelling "H?? H!! What is your sister doing?!" every twenty seconds while entertaining visions of her emptying a box of rice all over the house and then slipping in water that her brother spilled and cracking her noggin open in her short time of un-supervision.

B. Sitting down. That's all. I never knew what a luxury sitting down (for like, more than two consecutive seconds) was until I had two kids. Don't take sitting down for granted people. Just don't.

C. Napping. This is thanks to the many days of sinus headaches I battled recently. I have now bid the head pain farewell and so now I expect the napping to become less frequent.

AND to today's 'indulgences' (so far I've done A, and am currently doing B while blogging, duh.)
I will soon add:

D. Ironing in peace. This means:
1. Ironing without a 'helper' to hold and hide and sometimes spill the spray bottle and spray the clothes, his sister and myself every twenty seconds.


2. Ironing without saying "hot hot hot!" every five seconds while my very interested daughter stands far too close for comfort and contemplating what a terrible mother I will be if she gets burned because I want to get just one more item of clothing ironed...

I'm really living it up, aren't I?

Life is good.

1 comment:

  1. Umm, WOW, you get extra brownie points in my book for still ironing!! I don't have a husband, nor two kids, and I can still probably count the number of times I iron a year on just one hand (maybe even only two or three fingers!). Kudos to you!


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