28 April 2011

Nursery School Graduation

Who knew I would be watching my son graduate at age three?

Alas... it happened tonight!

We arrived on time, and therefore... WAY TOO early. What were we thinking? There was a lot of waiting until all the families arrived.

Here is H with his fav teacher, Miss Yusra.

Isn't she gorgeous?

The answer is yes.

H was getting a feel for the stage.

And N was getting her first juice box ever.

She loved it.

Photo op.

Love this boy.

And this girlie.

Have I ever told you that before?

Can't remember...

Look! Here they come! So cute...

And the singing begins!! And I'm so proud to say that H did actually sing, unlike his 'performance' in church on Sunday. He loved the microphone and hung onto it most of the time.

I'll take the microphone-hogging over him having his finger in his nose... which is what he did most of the time on Sunday.

Um... this is 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.

Someone was a bit behind...

They ended the set of songs, I believe, with a nice round of Barney's "I Love you, You love me" while the teacher tried to get them to all hug each other.


Then came the 'When I grow up' part. A few kids came up in costumes and said "My name is Robin and I want to be a doctor when I grow up" or something similar. You get the idea.

Cute, right?


Well, my boy came up with his Daddy's sunglasses on and was supposed to say "My name is H and when I grow up I want to be a Daddy!" (This is how he regularly answers the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?") BUT... he just played with the sunglasses and refused to say a word.

Oh well.

Then came the part when three kids demonstrated what they had learned this year. Miss Yusra told them things like "Can you pick up the blue car?" and "Can you show me the yellow ball?"

Funny! And pretty simple for the kids and would have been especially simple for H, whose first language is English (duh). But I think we had the only one of those...

Then came the part where these two cuties came out dressed up as a bride and groom.

I'm really not sure... but they were darn cute.

Then came the graduation part! This is the point when my boy was called "The King of the Nursery." I'm really not sure what that was all about...

And can you believe the gowns and caps?

Where am I?

He's cute!!

How many times can I use the word cute in this post?

A lot. Apparently. Way too much, I admit. But I'm too tired to care.

Miss Yusra loves him. They had to say goodbye. Boo hoo.

But not before she forced him to give her a kiss.


I think we'll miss Miss Yusra, the other teachers and Little Hands Nursery... it's been a great play school for H!

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  1. I love sweet N with the beautifully homemade headband and her juice box! And I love H with the graduation gown! Wow!


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