04 April 2011

Question of the Day

Random Question of the Day: If you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster, what three things would you take with you?

Three things. Hmm. Can we just assume that living things aren't included in this list? Cause obviously if I had too I'd throw my husband over my back and tuck one toddler under each arm and run for dear life marveling at my own feat of strength. But that's a given, right?

And let's also just state that I have no pets. I'm glad about this cause frankly cats make me sneeze and dogs are a lot of work.


Onto the real answer.

Except I don't have an answer yet.

*Pause for reflection*

Ah! I got number one. That was a short pause. Number one came easily. My computer!!! Duh. It's got the photos of all the best days of my life stored on it. Like when my hubby and I said "I do" under the canopy of trees surrounded by friends and family and some people whose names I didn't know. I never want to forget that day or the way my hair fell down at my reception and no one told me. Okay. I would actually like to forget the part about the way my hair fell down at the reception and no one told me. But I'm over it. Promise.

Number one also includes pictures of when my wittle itty bitty babies were still actually itty bitty and they spit up on me and learned to blow bubbles and discovered their hands and rolled over for the first time and do I really need to go on? You get the picture. The sweetest moments in all of the history of the (my) world are stored on this black chunk o' plastic that I'm looking at right now. This thing is number one.

Number two?


*trying to think about something besides dishes and laundry that I should be attending to right now cause those are definitely not things to be taking but I can't seem to clear my mind*

Wait. Let me try the meditative position.

Nope. That didn't work. I just got a text message and that was totally distracting.

My santuko knife? I loove that thing. But no, that's silly. C'mon Suz, get serious.

GOT IT! Number two is medical records. How boring am I? So so boring. But who wants their kiddos to have two MMR vaccinations cause dear Mommy can't remember if she got it the first time around or not? Not me.

Moving on quickly to number three, which hopefully proves to be less boring.

If only I knew what it was.

Here we go again.

*scraping the back of my empty cranium hoping to find an answer*

Okay. I got some ideas. Now I'm trying to choose between passports (also boring. Can this just fall under the we-know-you'd take-it-so-don't-mention-it-as-part-of-your-three category?), scrapbooks (sentimental, but mostly replaceable), home video tapes (possible front runner), this new bag I recently got that I love (you've got to be kidding, Suz), my boy's homemade-with-love blanket (would hate to loose that) and my favorite jeans from college (Seriously? Hey! I love them!).

I choose...

The video tapes! If I was more organized I'd have them all loaded on my computer and then I wouldn't have had to use up one of my three items for video tapes. But alas... they aren't loaded on my computer and they're too valuable to say adios to forever. So video tapes, I choose you!

But can I please just slide the santuko knife into the back pocket of my favorite college jeans that I could pull on so quickly that no one would even notice (never mind the muffin top) and throw that cute bag over my shoulder which happened to be pre-loaded with all of our passports and the blanket (yes, my bag is that big) while yelling at my husband to "grab the scrapbooks honey!!!" as we race out the door with one child each over our shoulders?

That would be much more ideal, don't you think?

I think so.

But wait.

[Changing tones]

I'd just like to state that if God forbid, we were actually in the midst of a natural disaster... that nothing that this world has to offer is really of an importance at all. I'd leave it all behind in a second to assure the safety of my loved ones. I think you dear readers know that about me and I think you feel the same.

Let's just hope (nay, pray) that this silly post can just serve it's purpose (which is for me to exercise my writers muscles and hopefully provoke a giggle or two ) and that we never have to use it as a reference.


  1. Thanks Ladies for stopping by! Thank you so for your compliments... Nice to meet you too! Jamie Jo... I have had you RSSed for awhile now and am honored that I have sparked and idea! :)

  2. Hey, I followed the writer's blog over to you and really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Great post on Question of the Day! I will be reading more!

  3. I have an idea: pack up those nifty personalized travel bags, throw them in your new handbag (with the blanket), and it's all just one item! :-) Lisa B.

  4. Hi..

    One of the things I did before I went "over there" with my computer was make two copies of everything important - ie. all the baby photos and all - a nice hard disk or large memory stick worked.

    I left one copy with my parents and another copy with friends in her cedar trunk. When we go "back home" every few years, I run copies of everything I have again and leave it.

    So if a natural disaster hits... or a theft... I only lose a year or so of photos.

    Loved your writing!


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