28 April 2011

Tent Training - Part 2

This week we continued tent training.

Remember steps 1 and 2?

Step 1: Get her familiar with the tent. That was easy.


Step 2: Get her to sleep in the tent. Done! Did that a month or more ago.

Easy peazy. And silly looking.

Then came...

Step 3: Get her to nap in the tent on the floor and not crawl out when she wakes up. This is by far, the most difficult step.

It wasn't without a small battle but she did fall asleep in the tent on the floor this week!

And the biggest victory was that she learned NOT to open the velcro door even after she wakes up!

My girlie is so clever!

And now we're one more step to being ready to travel for the summer! Waaahoooo!

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