28 April 2011


H and I walked around our part of town today to get a couple errands done.

And he came back with some serious loot for a three year old. Loot, as in, FREE stuff from shopkeepers, etc.

He'd like to show you...

Here we have a toothbrush (?!), Chiclets, a sucker and a toffee.

Not pictured (because they were immediately consumed upon receipt) are a taffy and a cup of local lemonade.

So much for my 'no treats today' rule that I explained as we left.

The boy gets totally spoiled! Six things?!! Oh dear! I really do appreciate the toothbrush though. Kudos to you, pharmacy man, for not giving my kid MORE sugar, but providing him with a way to wash it off his teeth.

I think they like him around here...

1 comment:

  1. I bet I'd feel like going out shopping and running errands more if I got cool treats like that too! :)


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