21 April 2011


After this 'summer' post a few weeks ago, summer disappeared for a couple weeks again. It was magical. Wonderful. Glorious.

Time out.

Please pause for a side-note from your sponsor (?!):

Maybe you're tired of reading about the weather over the past few years. Namely, the heat. But I'm here to tell you that I'm not gonna stop writing about it. I thought about it, but then I thought "That's impossible!" Frankly, it's a big enough part of life here that how could I not mention it in this blog o' mine? So I threw all caution to the wind and instead of trying to avoid the subject I created a label for it instead. That's in case you've got a chill in your bones... you can easily read all my posts about the weather here. Most of them will make you sweat and will take that chill right out of ya'.



What was I saying?


That heat.

Soooo... summer is back now and ZAP! Just like that my energy is gone. Like, looong gone.

Fourteen times a day my eyelids weigh two tons each and my feet weight four tons each. My pillow calls my name like I have never heard before and my body wants nothing more than to be horizontal and motionless.

I. Can't. Seem. To. Do. Anything.

I keep trying to remind myself that this is normal. Each spring expectations must be adjusted and most rest must be taken.

Okay. Fine. I get it.

I'll try to adjust.

But wait.

That is easier said than done.

Who exactly who is going to feed my children and husband two to three times a day? Who is gonna fold the laundry that has been hung to dry all over my house? Who is gonna pack the bags for our summer travels? Who is gonna water the plants? Who is gonna brush the tiny teeth in this house? Who is gonna wipe up that mystery sticky mess in the 'fridge? Who is gonna check the whole bag of medications for expired ones? Who is gonna get that focaccia in the oven for our dinner guests? Who is gonna clear all the toys out of the sandbox? Who is gonna organize those messy shelves near the balcony? Who is gonna do scratch n' sniff painting one more time with my boy and who is gonna wash out those paint pots when we're done?


That'd be me.

Except the brushing tiny teeth part. I neeever remember to do that and so Mikey does that most of the time. I hope he doesn't mind.

Now... if I could just get my bottom off this chair, wipe the heavy glaze from my eyeballs and get these feet movin'... I've GOT to get something done.

Or I could just lay down on the rug in front of the cooler and 'rest my eyes' for just a moment or two...

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