30 May 2011

Rice Burger and More

Our fourth day in Tawain was hosted by Tavo! The Science Museum was our first stop.

Most of our time was spent 'exploring science' in the kids play area!

So fun!


Someone got really into building. Can't say who.

This was taken right before it collapsed on my daughter.

A lesson about how gravity works, can we say? (No injuries, duh.)

This was my masterpiece. Very mod.

Um, guess it won't be installed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art after all.


Happy girl.

And more building. I think this huge pile of large Legos was a dream come true for someone. Can't say who, but I will say that his name does not start with H.

he he

This was the next play area beside us.

All I can say is YIKES!


This is a very scientific game, I'll have you know.

I can't say who won cause I can't remember. If my husband were beside me, I could ask him and he could certainly tell you who won and give you the highlights of the game.

He's cool like that.

Here is a demonstration of the difference in size between an American stroller and an Asian stroller.

Not all Asian strollers are this small, but isn't it incredible?

You know how people always say that Americans do things BIG?

Well, it's true, on many levels.

And here is my girlie throwing a fit under the counter.

Wouldn't be accurate if I didn't post a picture of her throwing a fit.

Bless her heart.

We also walked through this fascinating exhibit called "Body Works" that was all about the human body and how everything works.

It was incredible. And it made me realize, once again, how creative and amazing our Creator is!

Hungry? It's Japanese Mos Burger for lunch!

This is the ATM machine inside that H excitedly pulled up a chair to 'cause he thought it was a video game. Ha!

Here is regular burger. Yum.

And here is the famous rice burger. Patty made of rice and filled with meat. Also yum!

H also loved the purple jello in a cup. We didn't tell him that it was flavored with something super healthy. Can't remember now what.

And sweet N was happy to try it all, even this little sweet roll with purple vegetable in the middle.

Next stop... The National Museum. Gorgeous, eh?

And we only had to carry the stroller up a million stairs to get there!

Sorry, no more pics of the museum. Just following the rules. It was fascinating though... brought SOOOO much life to all those Chinese Dynasties I learned about in school growing up.

Very cool.

Dinner was at a diner looking place that served a mixture of foods. But H's food was served in this! So fun.

He even ate broccoli cause it was in a space shuttle. Nice!

Late night outing...

Shilin night market!

Think street fair, flea market, county fair, etc!

There was, as usual, a large focus on food at the night market. First thing we tried were these chestnuts.

Then shaved ice.

We were told it was all the rage.

There were only a few choices...

It's literally a big chunk of (sometimes flavored) ice shaved off with this machine.

Why didn't I think of that?

This is shaved milk ice with maple and tapioca balls.

Regular ice with sweet potato and taro.

And more milk ice with strawberry topping.

Papaya milk was ordered specifically for this cute girlie who drank almost the whole cup.

Then we thought her tummy might explode.

But it didn't, thank goodness.

Once again, absolutely delicious stuff!

We did some looking around and then played a couple games.

H got scared doing this game. Too loud for him.

It was shoot the balloons.

And there a was a marble game too.

Such a fun, action filled day.

Such wonderful companions.

We tucked in these kiddos after midnight I think. They are troopers, and pretty happy about it too.

29 May 2011


We arrived in Colorado last night and are settled into an amazing home we are borrowing for a month. The family is napping while I get us organized... we are so happy to be here!

I still have more to share with you about Taiwan, but it'll have to wait for another day.

For now I'd like to share with you three 're-entry to America' facts.

1. When I thought of some errands I need to run, the thought crossed my mind "I'll just jump in a taxi to take care of those." Then I realized that you don't really do that here.

2. When walking down the hall there was an odd looking large piece of fuzz or something on the floor and the thought crossed my mind "Don't step on that gecko." Then I realized that you don't really have geckos in your houses here.

3. A slinky can make it through the washer and dryer just fine. Yes, I said DRYER! Glory Hallelujah!

4. Oops. Number four wasn't planned. Here it is anyway: Today I talked to my family on the phone (not Skype). I was sitting in a chair by an open window while my daughter 'cooked' on a super nice kitchen play set. And I wasn't sweating. It's the simple things, you know?

27 May 2011

Dim Sum - Yum!

Dinner Wednesday was as usual... so delicious!

Dim Sum is a Cantonese name for an Asian style dish... where many small plates of a few pieces of many things are brought to the table to share.

That sentence sounds super weird. But I think you get it.

This was a serious 'Food Tour' night!

This lazy susan was about to have pictures of food replaced with real food!

First up: Cabbage cake, two types of dumplings and something that looks like chicken pot pie but isn't.

Then meat balls, springs rolls, shrimp dumplings and some Chinese bread stuffed with a mixture that didn't look like chicken pot pie, but tasted like it!

These were my fav. They had food inside. It was delicious.

Am I doing good describing?

Some sweeter things... sweet breads with sweet fillings.

Great, Suz. You're really doing this food justice.

Wait! I know this one... fried rice!

Milk something?

Mango something.

Here's proof that I tried most everything. And that I made a huge mess. And that I did it without a fork or knife!

Yay me!

A victory, indeed!


N loved the food. She will eat most anything here! It's so much fun to watch!

This boy, on the other hand, loved to spin the lazy susan but wanted to eat very little of what was offered.

Silly boy.

We were willing to let him go hungry, because there was no lack of options.

But 'Uncle Tabo' (as H calls him) would have none of it and insisted on ordering something H was certain to like.

He called it his last shot.

And it was a success!


Check out this masterpiece!


After dinner we honored the Cantonese tradition of playing "One two three scissors"

and thumb wars.

Okay, maybe it's not a Cantonese tradition.

But it could have been an ancient one that no one knows about, right?


Another beautiful meal. My palette is enlightened and rejoicing!

Thank you Tavo and Chingru!!
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