27 May 2011

Dan Shui - A Suburb Tour

Our host on Wednesday was Natalia! Do you know how blessed we are that our dear friends/family have taken days off work to show us around? Silly us planned our trip Monday through Friday.


Anyway... we took the Metro (where N was highly entertained/entertaining) to Dan Shui... Natalia's college suburb!

There we met with a friend for lunch.

This is just one facet of their work... a free coffee house open in the evenings for anyone where classes and a meetings also take place.

Jasmine Green Tea anyone?

It was a bustling suburb... tiny busy streets, lots of activity...

... and some delicious Chinese dumplings!!

The food in this country is so so so so good.

I highly recommend it.

These two ladies make up the dumpling factory, I think.

We walked along the river

to some historical sites. A lot of them had to do with George McKay, who did amazing work in this country many years ago. (Sidenote: Mom and Dad... you should definitely read up on George McKay before you visit here!)

Much walking.

I think Natalia's arms were probably sore. (Sorry about that!). Pushing a thirty plus pound boy in a large stroller on bumpy busy streets and super steep hills is no easy task!

This is a famous street for shopping and eating!

Eating! Go figure!

Eating is a big part of the culture here. Oh my. How do they stay so thin?

So not fair.

Back on the Metro in the afternoon for the journey home.

H was gifted these blow up toys from a few of the hundreds (maybe an exaggeration) of middle schoolers on the train who thought our kiddos were the bees knees.

Here N showed her independent side. She insisted on holding on for herself. It's a wonder she didn't push Mikey's hand off of her and try to hang there without his help.

Cause that would be something she would do.

Like her big brother wanted to do to.

My, my. The metro is just so much fun.

Until baby sister throws a wee bit of a tantrum. Wanna know why?

Because we told her she wasn't allowed to eat anymore of these fish crackers.

Can you believe it?

I neeeever thought my child would cry because she had her heart set on fish crackers.

But it's true!

We had a lovely day in Dan Shui!

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