27 May 2011

Dim Sum - Yum!

Dinner Wednesday was as usual... so delicious!

Dim Sum is a Cantonese name for an Asian style dish... where many small plates of a few pieces of many things are brought to the table to share.

That sentence sounds super weird. But I think you get it.

This was a serious 'Food Tour' night!

This lazy susan was about to have pictures of food replaced with real food!

First up: Cabbage cake, two types of dumplings and something that looks like chicken pot pie but isn't.

Then meat balls, springs rolls, shrimp dumplings and some Chinese bread stuffed with a mixture that didn't look like chicken pot pie, but tasted like it!

These were my fav. They had food inside. It was delicious.

Am I doing good describing?

Some sweeter things... sweet breads with sweet fillings.

Great, Suz. You're really doing this food justice.

Wait! I know this one... fried rice!

Milk something?

Mango something.

Here's proof that I tried most everything. And that I made a huge mess. And that I did it without a fork or knife!

Yay me!

A victory, indeed!


N loved the food. She will eat most anything here! It's so much fun to watch!

This boy, on the other hand, loved to spin the lazy susan but wanted to eat very little of what was offered.

Silly boy.

We were willing to let him go hungry, because there was no lack of options.

But 'Uncle Tabo' (as H calls him) would have none of it and insisted on ordering something H was certain to like.

He called it his last shot.

And it was a success!


Check out this masterpiece!


After dinner we honored the Cantonese tradition of playing "One two three scissors"

and thumb wars.

Okay, maybe it's not a Cantonese tradition.

But it could have been an ancient one that no one knows about, right?


Another beautiful meal. My palette is enlightened and rejoicing!

Thank you Tavo and Chingru!!

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