17 May 2011

Exploring Bangkok - Day 2

Day two of Bangkok fun began with us deciphering this water bus map and schedule.

We rocked it.

Which made me wonder how we'd do on The Amazing Race. But how much is actual travel smarts and experience and how much is just luck and how strong of a stomach you have or how fast and long you can run?

We'll never know.

The water bus was fun.

M and H have been playing a lot of 'One, two, three, scissors' lately. H caught on so fast I was shocked! He loves and asks to play all the time. He's great competition too, but Mikey says he's got his strategy worked out. Ha! Sweet N tries to get in on the fun, but she's not quite there yet. She mostly does the hitting her fist on her other hand part. So cute.

After the boat came a tuk-tuk ride. This was a highlight for H. We couldn't come to Thailand and not ride in a tuk-tuk.

I actually felt safer than in a rickshaw. But I think both modes of transportation offer only a false sense of safety. Those things are NOT safe. Oh well.

Our drivers name was Mr. Booddee.

Just say it.

He he.

This was our destination.

The Grand Palace! It's a big complex with many temples and official residences and other various buildings that are so special they are hardly ever used.

Interesting, huh?

I'd be a greeeeeaaat tour guide.

Guess what?

Rain. Lotsa lotsa rain.

We still like it.

It was almost comical when it started raining. Like a gigantic game of musical chairs. Only not really cause no 'chairs' disappeared as the round progressed. But the rain would come in waves. And every time a heavy wave started people would run for these small shelters. Then it would let up and people would start moving ahead again. Then it would dump again and people would run for the nearest shelter again.

I dunno what they were afraid of. If we would have had an umbrella we wouldn't have been slowed down at all.

I mean, no more slowed down than we were slow already is with two small kiddos and a stroller in a busy place with lots of steps and marble that is like ice when it's wet.

Don't worry. We sustained no permanent injuries.

But we did get wet.

So so wet.

At one point I pulled out my travel shampoo and washed my hair in the rain as we walked between Buddhist temples.

I mean, efficiency is my thing. Thought I could kill two birds with one stone.

As if.

This was the main temple that houses the famous Emerald Buddha. He was actually made of jade and was sitting on the top of a very impressive pile of gold gilded fancy stuff. But I can't show you cause there were shoes or pictures allowed. The no shoes part doesn't really relate to the no pictures part. But I just thought I'd share in case I die of athletes foot. You'll know who to sue.

Anyway, I kinda liked the statue. And now that I learned some stuff about Buddha from a friend we met that night for dinner that I never knew before, I like the real guy too! Turns out that Buddha's writings actually told people to "...look for another Holy One who will come and help the world and all of you in the future..." But it gets way better (and more specific than that)... so check out the article link!


This is the Palace. I looove those trees!

Here N is making a run for it. She likes to do that.

And then when we sat down to take a snack break there was a LOT more of this.

We really should start charging.

I mean really.

These ladies stuck around for about ten minutes. They loved my girlie's 'byebye's and blown kisses.

I can't blame them, really.

And again.

Then we walked (rode) around the block.

These piggies went around the block too. These piggies are a highlight for me.

Around the block we saw this.

A ginormous golden Buddha.


Pretty sure that Buddha would have never wanted statues of himself built for people to come and pray in front of. Just like Martin Luther told people to never name a church or denomination after him.


Sorry guys.

Moving on.

Another quick boat ride took us to another temple.

They like their temples. You see them everywhere, actually.

This is Wat Arun. A really biiiig temple.

This is some of the temple grounds. I love these trees too. Love this photo in general.

Crazy statue dudes on the side of the temple, in case you care.

And some beautiful trees and flowers.

H and M and N did some climbing.

I did not. Someone had to stay with the stroller and attempt a self portrait with the camera timer.

And someone had to be on the video of the strange man wandering around shooting people and things. I guess it isn't just white babies that people want to take photos (footage) of...

And someone had to take photos of these ceramic flowers that are ALL over the outside of the temple.

I just love them.

They're so shabby chic.

And they are way less freaky than monkeys and demons.

I like them so much.

So much that I chipped one off and dropped it in to my bag to reassemble at home for decoration.

As if.

But the temple was incredible.

My fav temple so far.

Next up: a local lunch.

My girlie always thinks she wants bubbles. So we give her a taste and then she winces cause she hates it.

Then five minutes later she fusses and reaches until we give her a taste. Then she winces and pushes the bottle away.

Then five minutes later she fusses and reaches until we give her a taste. Then she winces and pushes the bottle away.

I think you get the idea.

Oh my.

There's those piggies again. I just can't get enough of those piggies. I'm so glad they go wherever I go...

Back to lunch.

Here were the options. We ordered the third choice... Pad Thai!

It was the most delicious thing I have eaten in a long time.

I think.

But I've eaten a lot of delicious things lately, so actually it's a little hard to say.

But whateva. So so good.

And it wouldn't have been a complete restaurant experience if N wasn't picked up and carried around for half the time by the staff.

After lunch we high-tailed it back to our guest house to swap supplies and then took another long taxi ride to the home of some new friends for the evening. We swam, ate more delicious Thai food and asked lots of questions about this country, what it's like to live here and what God is doing in this place these days.

How encouraging!

We love Bangkok!

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  1. Since I teach Spanish I have always wanted to go to Spanish-speaking countries and have never longed to make it to Asia. But the more of your pics I see, the more I think, "Yep, I wanna go there too!"

    I can understand why everyone wants pics with your beautiful daughter. Make me realize how fortunate we are to have such diversity in the US that we don't find it so rare that we have the urge to take our picture with every "foreign" beautiful baby. :)

    And I love your humor-- from the Boodee to chiseling off the flower from the temple... Thanks for the smiles and laughs!


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