04 May 2011

A Going Away Party

My dear friend Leah has led English Club during her time in this country. She's done amazing! And I have just gone to be a participant. But we are both leaving in a few days and when we announced that last week was our last time... they insisted we let them throw us a going-away party. And they would NOT let us say no.

So we said okay.

And today we went to the party.

And it was, um, interesting?

We sat around in the room for awhile just waiting. H was right at home. He was especially fond of the chair with the table that flipped up and down.

Like, he LOOOOOOVED it.

Sweet N never got a moment to herself.

This was to be expected and she was a great sport about it.

I did warn her, just to be fair.

The party began with us standing up to accept our tokens of appreciation.

Very formal and African-like.

This I am used too.

Isn't it just beautiful and so tasteful?


You not only help us at English Club, but you were a great support.
"An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worth while thought in it... since the best cosmetics what is in life Truth for lips, confidence for eyes, charity for hands, smile for face love for heart, use them well and mak life beautiful."

So meaningful.

I think.

But I'm not sure.

Could someone translate?


Then they brought out snacks.

At this point my girlie started collecting one piece of popcorn and piece of candy from each person.

Then they served fresh juice.

Then my boy wanted me to take a picture of him doing this.

So I did.

Then began the talent show portion of the party.

I wasn't prepared for this, but this guy stood up and sang.

He sang.

And he planned to sing, apparently, because the guy on the computer just happened to have karaoke version of the song he wanted to sing.

The song was "How Do I Breathe" by Mario. I only know that cause I sat there and texted myself some lyrics so I could come home and google it. Which I did just now.

He was really good! I don't have any idea how it related to two white ladies being done going to English Club... but whateva.

Then came this guy, who demonstrated folk dances from all four regions of the country.


This is my boy. He fits right in, huh?

He sat down there the whole time, as if he had ever been in that room before and actually knew any of those people he was sitting by. He may have no idea that he was born in a different country, has skin a different color and is approximately twenty years younger than everyone else in the room.

I love that.

THEN... this guy stood up, put some beat on the computer and did his own rap.

He rapped in English but I couldn't catch it all. One line I did catch was "I am the best rapper in the world."

Now I'm not sure about all that... but he was good!

And I got especially distracted from the rapping when singing guy got into the center of the floor and started dancing.

Pardon me.

Where AM I?

And WHOSE life is this that I am living?

I'm just curious.


Then my boy wanted me to take a picture of him doing this.

So I did.

Then folk dancing man did a silent skit about riding a bus. It ended with something about a thief and everyone laughed.

I didn't really get it.

But I still enjoyed it.

Then my girlie hung out with the rapper and the rapper's friend on the computer for awhile.

Then we shook everyone's hands and left.

I found the whole thing strangely awkwardly wonderful.


  1. I love that your son is growing up indifferent to the difference in color of skin, age, country of origin, etc. And I love that he's comfortable accepting anyone. I teach Spanish and have traveled to various Spanish-speaking countries, and I always loved speaking with kids when I did mission trips to Mexico. I loved that I could be silly and goofy with kids and not have to worry about if I conjugated the right verb or used impressive vocabulary... And I love the pictures of H's orange smiles (you know, what the rest of us would like to do but normally refrain from letting others take pics of!)! :)

  2. oh my goodness suz, i literally laughed out loud while reading your blog tonight. can't help but think about my own kids as we drag them along to football games and choir concerts......like it is normal life for a four and one year old, right? don't stop sharing your adventures....i love reading about all of them.

  3. I love this "party"!! A great way to honor those they have come to appreciate so very much ~ their own way!! It's such a blessing that the kiddos just see it all as part of life that's normal to them. It should be that way the whole world over!!


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