09 May 2011

I Love...

Coach rides! I do. I really do. There is no sarcasm here folks.

I loved coach rides when I was 20 and traveling around Europe and I love coach rides now with two kids in Nepal.

I love coach rides.

We spent most of the day on a coach riding from Kathmandu to Pokhara. After yesterday's exhausting overnight flights I wasn't sure about all day on a coach. But I had no reason to worry... it was great.

However, it's not for the weak stomached or those scared of heights. Or those scared of windy mountains roads on which many large buses and trucks pass each other at the most inopportune times which causes you to grab onto your children and your seat for dear life.

Exhibit of passing. Oh my.

Hello? We're RIGHT HEEEEERE!!! Aaaack!

And here is a super long traffic jam that looks like it delayed us much longer than it did.

And here is a cute lady who wanted me to take her picture.

Please note the goats on top of the bus.

Another great thing about today's coach ride is that they were not short on stops.

This is stop 1 at some gorgeous snack/tea place.

AKA... a great place for kiddos to run around and explore!

Or do Sweet N's favorite thing... which is to find a wee step just her size and sit down.

And stand up.

And then sit down.

And then stand up.

And then sit down.

I think you get the picture.

Then we stopped for lunch (included in the ticket... nice!).

Check out the view!

And the food. My first rice and dal. Mmmnnn. I like rice and dal.

Don't judge this girl by that face.

They also had noodles, which means she was happy too!

We arrived, settled into our tiny, but perfect-for-us room at Hotel Meera.

So simple. Love it.

I did became a little nervous when I saw that they provide candles and matches.

That can't be good.

Turns out that the power is cut for MAAAANY hours a day. But there is a generator that runs two lights in the room and two outlets. That's all we need!

Dinner was here.

We quickly chose this restaurant when the rain started POURING on us.

Did you know that it's the beginning of monsoon season?


I didn't know either!

H loved the rain. He probably would have rolled in the puddles if we would have let him.

We didn't let him.

Today, at least.

Never know what tomorrow may bring...

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  1. I'm sensing that beginning of monsoon season is a bit like rainy season in Costa Rica, maybe worse. Makes me miss it! I also like coach rides and getting to see the beautiful country-side. It looks like you're having a great trip! :)


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