15 May 2011

Kathmandu-Only One Day

We only had one full day in Kathmandu. One day to see it all! To soak it all in!

And we woke up to this:

Which was fine really. Chilly, but nice!

The main problem with the day is that just like it had happened two days before in Pokhara, there was some sort of city-wide strike happening.

Bummer, since we wanted to see the city! The capital city can't really be seen entirely on foot, like Pokhara.

Oh well. We had a bit of a long morning waiting for the appointment with a friend.

So Mike put the kiddos in the bubble gum tub with water heated on the stove to keep 'em busy for a bit. They liked that.

Then the appointment got pushed back but we decided to venture out anyway to try to see or do something cause our couple rooms at the guest house were getting really small. Like, smaller by the minute.

Roads. Empty, for the most part. Quieter and less pollution-y, true! But not so great for getting around.

We walked all around just hoping for a place to have a cup of coffee and found nothing. We admitted defeat and were returning to our housing when...

...I spotted these umbrellas over a tall wall. We peeked in and... glory! A great place to sit and let H run around (N was sleeping in the carrier.)

Give the boy a juice box and will love you forever.

Or at least he'll love you until he asks for another juice box/treat/ice cream/candy/chocolate/etc. an hour (five minutes?) later and you say no.

Then he won't like you anymore. For ten seconds at least, until he gets distracted. Or until you cave, which you might.

H also made new friends. And he watched them peel a lot of garlic.

Then he took this photo himself. Not bad, eh?

I love the angle. It's like, the angle of a three year old. Cool.

Taking photos is one of his new favorite things to do.

Aaaanyway... at this point I stopped taking pictures that day. We had lunch with some new/old friends, ate delicious food, had a wonderful time overall and then we returned for naps.

Another walk out to dinner that night and then home to pack the bags.

Cause yesterday morning we were in another airport!! (Aren't my men such handsome travelers?!)

And here my girlie made a run for it.

Here is a list of things I'd like to say about our travel:

1. The Delhi (India) airport is super nice, but I am pretty sure you could run a marathon inside that building and not really have to retrace your steps. So. Much. Walking. (Until they offered to drive us in the golf cart. Yay!)

2. Jet Airways is a great airline! We thought they would be bare-bones cause their prices were along the lines of discount airline... but we were super impressed (and we've seen our fair share of airlines!).

3. My girlie broke her seventh tooth yesterday. What IS it with her breaking teeth on airplanes?

4. On the plane H was carried to the back by the friendly staff and given six chocolate chip cookies and about 25 candies. This is NO exaggeration. Um, he was pretty happy.

So anyway... yes, we are in a new country now!!!

This country I would call Asia 101.

It's Thailand baby!!

Stay tuned in the next few days for marathon-ish post of Bangkok!

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