03 May 2011

Meeting the New Cuz in the Belly

As you know from this post... Mikey's sister is having a baby this summer! This time I'm not gonna talk about how I may or may not STILL be bitter that I was actually in the presence of this baby back in November and NO ONE TOLD ME, thereby robbing me of all forms of in-person hooting, hollering, kissing, hugging, tackling, crying and belly-talking (no matter that baby had no ears yet.) No, I'm not gonna mention those things at all.

What I am gonna mention is that this special bundle is due to arrive in less than 8 weeks time... but we won't be in our home state until after that.

Do you know what that means?

It means I never get to rub the belly and tell the beautiful bump that "I am your aunty Suzanne and I am gonna wove you sweet wittle itty bitty baby sooo much when you come out and and would you please kick once if you are a boy and kick twice if you are a girl?"

I mean, it can't hurt to try, can it?


Skype is as good as it gets for these pre-birth introductions.

Lookie! Sweet N knows where to find the baby!

And even though we're far away...

It's still pretty sweet.

I can't wait to meet this wee one and love him or her forever and ever amen!

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