22 May 2011

Much Too Much Pool Fun

We spent hours and hours and hours at the pool in the last several days.

I am a fish myself and I have produced two fish as the fruit of my womb. That sounds weird, but forget about it. You know what I mean.

If H has been throw in the air once...

...he's been throw in the air a thousand times.


The same goes for our little female fish.

Can you see that grin?

Brave girl.

And so stinkin' happy.

Most of the time.

There was also this.

It's the classic stand-on-Dad's-hands-in-the-pool game.

This also rarely got old.

Unrelated, entirely. But cute. I don't actually know what that face means though...

Then there was H's running approach...

The little dude loved to run into the water. It was his own idea. I didn't protest.

Then we taught him good diving form.

He got the arms up part. But it always ended in either a feet-first jump or a complete belly smacker.

So. Much. Fun

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