22 May 2011

On the Move: A Train Ride

Yesterday we journeyed from Cha-Am back to Bangkok.

And I use the word journeyed HEAVILY, not lightly.

The journey could have been a simple taxi ride. It's only a couple hours, really.

But we can't do things the easy way can we?

The answer is: No, we can't. (But I still love you honey!)

he he

So after one last breakfast at our hotel, Sweet N had to say goodbye to her fan club.

Then we loaded into a taxi for a quick ride to the station. I wanted to cry as we pulled away. We had such a WONDERFUL experience at this place and with the staff. I hated to go. I almost had tears. No exaggeration.

We waited here for the train.

Do you see any other white people OR other people with huge loads of luggage and multiple children waiting for the train.

Nope. No you do not.

Just making an observation.

Train was late, so we spent a long time sitting on this bench lecturing the children about the dangers of getting too close to the tracks. The couple times trains flew on through the station I thought we were all gonna blow away. It was so scary. And I'm not a mini person... I'm a full size person. Freaky.

We also spent time strategizing on how to get two kiddos, two big duffels, three backpacks, two small rollers, one stroller, one snack bag and two adults on the train in less than a minute.

Oh my.

Train was busier than we thought. Silly us thought "No one else takes the train to Bangkok... we'll have plenty of space."


We also thought "The kids will go right to sleep and take long naps"

Also wrong. You can see here that Sweet N was revolting. She does this.

Then she gets over it. But she's not happy about it.

Then she sits with her Daddy...

... and looks super cute with a biscuit hanging out of her mouth.

We were on the train for over four hours.

Third class.

No AC.

My seat kept falling off and I'd almost hit the floor.

Did I mention that the kids never slept, even though the timing and conditions were perfect for a long slumber?

I'm just sayin'.

We saw scenery. It was nice.

H made more friends.

That was nice.

The fam played more "One two three scissors"

Even N. She may or may not be rock every single time. (Just a hint in case you find yourself in competition against her someday soon.)

That was nice too.

We made it!

And it actually was fun! And we have way better stories to tell than if we had just sat in a taxi the whole time. AND we saved about 75 bucks. We paid $2 TOTAL for this train trip for the four of us.

Two bucks. Gotta love that!

Halleluiah and Amen!

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