11 May 2011

Pokhara: A Lazy Day

If yesterday was the marathon, today was the recovery.

We lazed about the city.


The day started here, at one of five zillion little cute streetside cafes.

I love sitting outside for any meal. The temperatures have been great.

We are also digging all the set breakfasts they have to choose from. Naturally, the American breakfast appealed to us the most. It filled us all the way to dinner (save a couple snacks).

My kiddos make friends wherever they go.

I love it.

Then we walked. In the wide open and quiet road. Remember the strike I mentioned yesterday? Well it turned out to be fabulous because it was a perfect day for walking around with the stroller. Wide open roads!!!

We headed here, to Phewa Lake.


Getting ready to get our canoe on! We almost didn't get in a boat. I admit I was nervous about it with two kiddos. But we didn't have to do the paddling and we had sufficient floatation devices so I agreed.

H is so glad that we did. I was too.

You have to imagine how amazing this shot would have been if the snow capped Himalayas were actually visible in the background.

Just use your mind's eye, okay?


Back in the stroller for more walking.

And gawking.

But we weren't the ones gawking.

Take a look...

This has happened a lot. People stop us and gawk at our kids. They also want to take a photo with the whole family and then kiss the kids and pinch them.

We should be used to this by now, but I admit I still find it strange.

Apparently everyone wants a photo with the white babies.

So it was at this point that I decided we should open our own tourist stall.

For 100 rupees you can see our white babies. And for another 100 you can either take their picture or pinch them.

Call me an entrepreneur.

Moving on...

Not many shops were open, but this bookshop was.

Can't resist a good bookshop. H was the only one who got any books though. Lucky little guy.

Here N was revolting against being in the backpack as we continued walking.

And here we passed Wal-Mart. Not open though, darn.

Here I laughed about funny it would be to order the "Heavy Set" breakfast.

he he

Then it was back to the hotel for loooooong naps for everyone.

Then the rains came down and the floods came up.

And then I wondered where my son learned the song "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring..."

I mean, we live in the desert.

Don't ask me.

So we hunkered down the rest of the day until meeting a new like-minded friend for dinner.

It was a good day.

I am PRAYING that the sky will be clear at sunrise in the morning when we have one last chance to see the mountains peek through the haze before we jump on the bus to take us back to the capital...

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