10 May 2011

Pokhara: A Marathon Day

Along with a marathon day comes a marathon post. Consider yourself warned. If you make it to the end of the post I imagine you are either

1. A grandparent


2. H or N around age 17 (curious about that time you always hear about when you parents dragged you all over Asia before you could even remember it).

If you don' t fall into categories 1 or 2, then you must be a person who has enough interest in Nepal that you should stop reading my blog and just plan on coming to see it for yourself someday.

Okay, here goes nothin'!

The day started out taking another scary ride on more scary mountain roads. Only it was in a taxi driver with our taxi driver friend J.B. driving.

After the taxi couldn't drive anymore, we hiked.

We hiked up like, a thousand steps. H was carried most of the time, but he liked to climb on the big steps. The small ones were too boring for him I think, and then he'd ask to be carried again.

Funny boy.

Our destination was a village called Sarangkot: a place famous for it's views of the Himalayas. People say that it's best at sunrise. And to those people I say "Hi, I have two children ages 3 and 1... would YOU like to come and get them up at 4:30 am?"

I didn't think so.

People also say the place is famous for paragliding. And to those people I say: "Hmmmm. Interesting thought!"

So we went about 10am.

The weather was hazy today, but still the view was amazing.

Noelle slept the whole time. Someday she'll regret that.

Or not.

After hiking for over an hour, we took a rest here.

Know what else we were doing here? Waiting for the paragliding man to arrive with his gear to take a certain someone paragliding. Which someone you wonder? Let me just say that Mikey isn't crazy about heights...



We decided this was definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Carpe Diem!

Well worth my personal savings, I thought.

So we hiked up some terraces back to the takeoff spot. H was on my back in the Ergo Carrier (looooove the Ergo Carrier)...

And N had her own personal carrier also. A friendly guys whose name we can't remember.

Here's the takeoff place.

I am going...

...up there...

... and down there!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!

Tom got me all strapped in and gave me some instructions.

Getting ready...


And hitting down and getting drug along the ground.


Didn't quite go as planned. Not quite sure what happened.

No problem.

Try try again.


Off we go!!

I didn't have the camera with me (obviously), but I can tell you that it was amazing!! It was quiet and cool and we caught a warm tunnel of air that took us faaaaar higher than the takeoff point. Then we went out over the lake and spun around and around and then landed in a pasture.

No dragging along the ground during landing.

Thank goodness.

I rode the truck back to the office at the bottom of the mountain and met my fam!

I did it.

I can't believe I paraglided in the Himilayan Mountains.

I'll ask is again... "Whose life is this that I'm living?!"


At this point we were informed that the whole city will go on strike tomorrow. No cars can be on the roads! So we decided to forego afternoon naps and just continue on to do as much touring of the city as we could today.

And so since our day was only half over... that means this post is only half over.

I give you permission to stop reading if you want. Your eyes are probably glazing over and I don't want to be responsible for your broken keyboard when your head falls into it cause you fell asleep reading my marathon post.

I won't be disappointed.

I will understand if you close this tab and go check your gmail.


But if you want to keep reading, you can see this charmed snake and the look on my boy's face.


And you can see this restaurant where we ate lunch.

And you can see how my girlie insisted on eating her lunch. Leaning backwards over the couch with her fork full of pizza in her hand.

If you don't know what I mean by insisted, then you don't know my girlie.

She has her own ideas.

She is Miss Independent.

While we were eating a funny thing happened.

It got all wet outside again. Huh.

Which brings me to a correction. Apparently it's not monsoon season yet as I stated in yesterday's post. It's PRE-monsoon season.

Although I'm not sure that it's much different for this family that lives in the desert.

But I needed to get the record straight.


We called J.B. up again, discussed our list of destinations and settled on a price.

First stop was a Hindu temple.

Where there are actually many smaller Hindu temples.

And other various Hindu things.

Behind us there should have been a breathtaking view of some Himalayan mountain peaks.

Instead it's a view of haze.


Next stop: The River Gorge.

Bought cheap tickets first.

Then saw the gorge, which is a... ya know... gorge. A really deep, thin place between rocks where water runs.

Cool, huh?

Next stop: Devi's Falls.

Or Devil's Falls.

Or Davis' Falls.

Depends who you ask or what sign you see.

Bought cheap tickets first.

Then saw the falls.

This is the top.

This is the rest.

You can't see it well.

This must be terribly boring.

Sorry about that.

Snack break.

Still raining, by the way.

And we're getting scolded by the locals cause our kids are kinda wet. No bother... we're rather accustomed to getting scolded by locals. But never for kids being wet. Usually for kids being in the sun or in the dust.


Next stop: Gupteswar Mahadev Cave.

First we bought cheap tickets.

Then I took this terrible self-portrait. H is so happy in the backpack, in case you wondered. And I must have burned a gazillion calories today carrying one child or another on my body the whole time.

The caves were as you would expect caves to be. We had to duck a lot and H thought that was fun. I only bonked his head once.

Sorry, H.

This was the bottom of the cave and the bottom of the waterfall we saw earlier. This picture is awful. Sorry.

And here are the rickety steps we risked our lives on to get to the bottom of the cave.

Then we came home, took hot showers and the kids ate mostly crackers and cookies for dinner.

Don't judge. We were tired.

It was a fabulous, amazing, wonderful marathon day. And I have no creativity with my adjectives anymore.

I need sleep.

But before I go to sleep I have a lot to thank God for...

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