22 May 2011

Portraits... FAIL.

Bed portraits are cute.

So I thought I'd try.

Buuuuut... it doesn't always turn out as I had hoped.

Scroll down for proof of one huuuuge failure of a quick portrait session.

Could have been cute. But she wouldn't look up.

Very cute. But very blurry.

She's done and we've only just begun.

Okay, this one is decent. If only my foot wasn't there and it were more crisp and close up maybe.

Also kinda cute.

Dirty diaper bum. Fail.

Cute girlie, but this is no portrait.

Oh. That was just a matter of time. Brother joined us!

Awful flash, not portrait clothing and not a good shot.


Double fail.

She's done, again.

We're gonna call that a wrap.

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