06 May 2011

A Sad Goodbye

You stepped out, young, brave and bold,

To come to this land, something so new to behold.

Not knowing what kind of story would be told,

We would have to wait and see as time would unfold.

The beginning was slow, not how you would like,

Between holidays and referendums… it’s like the country was on strike.

In those days you got into the hearts of our baby and our tyke.

And you came over in the early mornings so I could ride my bike.

Once all the un-eventfullness passed,

Things picked up and you started having a blast.

This is when things really started to go really fast.

And all of a sudden we’re here… and we’ve reached the day that’s the last.

When things did get busy you went ahead… with full steam!

Going many places each week with endless energy, so it would seem.

KIFL, Church, Nile Valley, Boys Homes, Kaplan Center and our team…

Bridge walks and long talks and movies drinking Mike’s mocha ice cream.

Dear, sweet Leah… six months ago I never knew,

What a joy, what a pleasure, what an honor it would be to have you pass through.

You have become one of our family, tried and true.

It’s been the best season yet in this country, thanks to God, through you.

I’m not saying goodbye forever, oh dear no.

But just goodbye to having you here, as close as a stone’s throw.

Goodbye to my kiddos bedtime routine pro,

Goodbye to my remarkable young friend that I’ve watched grow.

As you move onto New York City, a more challenging place,

We’re so thankful for the time you’ve had here, in this space.

You’re always welcome back… I want you to know… just in case,

We will always wish you could be here again and bless us with your grace.

You are one on which so many have learned they can depend,

Into life here, you really did so easily blend…

So we say farewell to our aunty, our sister and our friend,

But for me… this is just the beginning of a friendship, not an end.

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  1. Let me add my admiration of Leah! We first met over skype when I saw H playing in the background with someone, and I asked who he was playing with. He said "my new friend Leah!!". Little did we know then what a treasured friend Leah would become to his whole family!! Even as Michael and I were able to spend a couple of weeks with Suz, Mike, H & N ~ Leah was a very special part of the whole experience. From shopping with us, to camping, going to church, just spending mealtimes, and Christmas morning joy ~ all the time was delightful!! And the evening game-playing!! Never has anyone fit so readily into our favorite family evening pasttime. The first time we gathered around the table and started in, all laughing and cracking up, Leah had my heart when she looked at my husband and me and told us that we were crazy and that she knew this was going to be fun!!
    It was only a couple of very active weeks, so I can't claim to know Leah deeply. But what I saw was a young woman who is mature far beyond her years in her faith and commitment to her Lord; a beautiful lady who will have the heart and willingness and ability to enrich any lives she touches.
    And I sincerely hope she comes to visit us here at our home! She said she would ~ and we've got some seriously fun game-playing to do!


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