20 May 2011

Slowing Down in Cha Am

The last several days have been spent slowing down in a ocean-side Thai town of Cha-Am. About once a year we take some time at a place where all there is to do is swim and lay around and I think it's maybe the slowest our lives ever get. Looking back, I realize that I can remember each place and stage in the kids' lives so well. I love that. It's like we slow down long enough that the time really gets etched on my mind. That is special to me. It's such a wonderful way to wind-down from our unique lifestyle in North Africa!

Anyway... this is basically what the past several days have consisted of:

Pool. Lots of pool. God bless the pool. And God bless the internet, which allows people like us to find places like this and enjoy them for a fraction of what it should cost.

Floating! We are amazed at how well this girlie can float all by herself at only 16 months. And such a peanut she is! She looooves the pool as much as the bath. She even started backfloating all by herself (with floaters on still, of course) for fun. I thought that was something you had to work hard to get kids to do!

And the area surrounding the pool is just as much fun...

...just ask my boy, who would love to serve you up some toast and eggs, or apple juice mixed with applesauce (yum?!) or something else from his "pwetending bakery store". Pool side restaurant! Love it!

At least one meal a day has been from this local place.

Pad Thai. You guessed it. Still just as delicious. Another meal is usually purchased from the corner 7-11. We really go all out.

Thai food by the pool. Even better!

H rediscovered his passion for cereal and milk at the free breakfast buffet.

And N enjoys the simple things.

Here is her fan club. They (mostly the guy in the chef hat) take her from our arms the second we walk into the breakfast area. We barely get her back before we leave. They carry her around, give her toys, wipe her snot, feed her hot dogs and ham (they got her number) and love on her.

Makes for a very relaxing breakfast for us!

There has also been a little beach time which may or may not have included my son repeatedly getting knocked down by waves and unwillingly getting rolled in the shallow water toward the shore.

He may or may not have just stood up and jumped back in! Tough kid.

We also have had (on numerous occasions) an un-cooperative girl when Mama wanted to take some portraits.

And here is some other down time. Like when H watches Seseme Street on my iPod. Definitely one of the best free downloads I've ever snagged in recent years.

Okay. That's all for now. More coming in the next day, but right now I'd like to start my new novel and get some more sun (as if I need it! ha!) before we hit the road again tomorrow...

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