12 June 2011

The Easiest Card

I recently posted about some genius ideas I noticed Taiwan. Well, this genius idea gets IT'S OWN POST because it's just that amazing!!

The EasyCard!!

The EasyCard is one card that gets you everywhere and can buy you almost anything!

Tap it to rent a bike.

Tap it to buy ice cream at Coldstone.

Tap it to ride the Metro.

Tap it to ride the bus.

Tap it to ride the Gondola!

And tap it to do whatever it is this photo is showing.

Use your imagination cause I can't remember.

I'm sure it was great.

You can use it at lots of little restaurants and even 7-11! It's pre-paid and so stinking convenient. No digging through your wallet for cash... just a little tap and you're through. Or just a little tap and that skinny soy decaf vanilla latte extra-hot can be yours. Or just a little tap and you'll be zipping off underground for your next meeting. I saw one lady had her card just inside her briefcase, cause she just held her briefcase up to the scanner at the Metro and the doors opened and off she went.

Let me clarify that there actually is no swiping, waiting, signing or showing of ID necessary. Literally it's a 'tap' and a 'beep' and you're done.

You're DONE and you're off to the next thing.

If that's not convenient, then I don't know what is.

Buuut I would have to have five EasyCards cause we're on the envelope budget and frankly I'd go crazy trying to keep track of how much on one card was used for gifts/food/misc/clothing/transportation.

Also, I'd like to say that I thought it a little Big-Brotherish until I learned that you purchase the card and re-load it and they never ask for your name. So there is no tracking your every move and your every candy (or coffee) addiction! Not like I have anything to hide...

Yes, I'd like this system to be implemented in every single place I ever visit.



And thank YOU Taiwan... for being so amazingly genius.

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