04 June 2011

Gondolas and Ball Pits

Our last day in Taiwan was spent with Chingju as our guide.

To know her is to love her.

Just thought I'd tell ya, since most of you will never get to know her (sad for you).

She took us here,

where we got to do THIS!!


Despite the dreary day, the view was beautiful. I loved it!

We chose the cabins with the glass floor which some may find freaky.

Not my son. He laid right on down and had himself a new perspective. No fear of heights in that little guy, I'm fairly certain.

I still like the rain, by the way.

And I like that my boy learned this in Taiwan.

Peace, dudes.

After our Gondola adventure, we took the metro across the city.

After I chased down my daughter, that is.

We spent a lot of time on the MRT.

Mid-morning it was so quiet. And it was ALWAYS so clean. One reason is cause they don't allow you to eat or drink in the MRT system.

Huh. Now there's a thought. It really worked. The place was spotless.

Oops. Guess Sweet N wasn't always happy about it. Silly girl.

We met Tavo for lunch here.

It was a busy place!

N loved the porridgy-rice.

And insisted on feeding herself. Which was fine except that I had no bathtub to throw her in when she was done.

We also ate dumplings, the kind with soup inside!

This was most challenging for the chopstick challenged.

We also tried sticky rice and other things that I didn't take a picture of because they were devoured faster than I wanted to put down my own chopsticks to take a photo.

After lunch we went to a mall where we knew the kiddos could have a little fun for themselves.

This was a little balloon room. I've never seen anything like it. So simple, so fun for littles!

Sweet N loved to just be in with all the balloons, My boy H loved to try to chase down a certain color that we'd tell him too.

Is she the sweetest, or what?

Then there was the ginormous ball pit.

Ball pits are one thing that the whole world has in common. Isn't that nice.

And yes, my girlie's nose is scraped. She falls down a lot. It comes with her age and the frequency with which she's been walking in new places, as opposed to places she's accustomed to walking...

She didn't fall down this, though!

And she could climb up the slide! Which is something my boy tried to do and couldn't.

She's a determined lil' thing with sticky pads on her knees or something...

We had a great day with Chingju! Thank you for showing us your city!

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