19 June 2011

My Babies' Daddy

Today, after a short and entertaining scavenger hunt during which my boy H could neither conceal the location of his Daddy's gifts, nor what they were...

... I took this photo.

I love it.

Mostly, what I love about it is my babies' Daddy. And my babies. All together. Smiling and full of life.

Does it get any better?

Then later, when Sweet N was still snoozin', my boys got their LEGO on.

Gotta love LEGOs.

It's like the gift that keeps on giving. To multiple generations.

There was direction studying.

Piece digging.

Careful placement.

Cute teamwork.

Big hands and little hands.

And a super cool race-car when it was all said and done.

Happy Father's Day Mikey! You are the best father to our children. We have something very very special in you.

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