28 June 2011

Quote of the Day

Sweet N had never strung two words together... until today!

Mikey and I came home from a 'honey-date' (my boy's phrase) and N showed us one of her fav toys that she played with during her day at the ranch (we're in Texas!! Halleluiah!). It was a purse with a phone and keys in it. I asked her what it was and she very clearly said: "My baaa" (My bag).

Her first phrase!! And it was about a purse! I love it! I love her!


  1. Aaaawww! I LOVE the watching the language learning process with my kiddo's, too! Today my 2 1/2 Sarah said, "I'm so fustwated! So... huh!" Big sigh. Hands on hips. Furrowed brow.

  2. You're write all6... It's so fun to hear all the funny little things that come out of their mouths!! :)


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