16 June 2011

Tour of the Traveling Snoozers

Okay, okay. So I know we finished our Asia trip awhile ago. But I'm still going on and on about it aren't I?

I just can't help it.

And I think this is this last time I'll go on and on about it in another post.

At least for now.

This time it's all about my wee ones who slept in lots of places, and always looked super cute doing it.

SOOOOO what that means is that this is a long series of photos basically only of my kids sleeping in various places. And what THAT means is that if you're not a grandparent... you're probably not gonna care. And I'm okay with that.

Here goes nothin'...

First night on the 'road'= airplane sleeping. Not easy to achieve, but nice once it happens. It's easier for these three to achieve than myself. Ever since I became a Mom, my ability to sleep on most any form of transportation had ceased. It makes me sad. And tired. Mostly it just makes me tired. Can't a tired Mama get a bit of rest when her little loves do?

Apparently not.

Why God?!?!

Oh well. Moving on.

Night 1 in Nepal was at a guest house in Kathmandu. Yes, H apparently had a crazy flip flopping night and yes, we did put N's tent on the bed. It's great when there is an extra bed to use!

Nepal night 2 is in Pokhara. Small hotel room was perfect for us!

What you don't know from this picture is that H fell out of the bed in the middle of the night, smashed his face on the hard floor and had a nose bleed all over the bed and pillow.

Poor little dude.

So that explains...

Nepal nights 3 and 4. H's mattress on the floor. Smashed face and bloody nose averted.

Nepal night 5 back in Kathmandu. Back at the same guest house as before. If you squint your eyes, my boy H could be 12 months old again.


Nepal night 6. Last night in Kathmandu. Tired pups.

Night 1 in a new place... storytime in Bangkok! This makes me smile.

Night 2 in Bangkok. Sweet N's tent covered on the floor in the corner. H's bed on the end of ours provided a wonderful extra-large jumping surface. In case you care.

With the extra bed and the sleeping tent set up, it left about 10 square feet of walking space. But we made it work!

Thailand Night 3. Hellooooo Cha Am! Girlie on the floor. Boy on the lounge chair pad that we took off the lounge chair and put on the floor. Hey! Whatever works!

Thailand night 4 in Cha Am. My boy really wanted to sleep in the pink crib they put in the room for sweet N. Why not?! She didn't know what she was missing and happily snoozed in her tent on the floor yet again.

Thailand night 5. H couldn't resist watching Mom and Dad's movie.

Nights 5 and 6 in Thailand. Still Cha Am. Arms behind the head. Love it. Bye bye beach.

Our last Thai sleep. Back in Bangkok. H in a big boy cot aaaaand sweet N is still in her tent on the floor.

Have I ever said how glad I am that we have taught our kids to sleep in a folds-up-super-teeny-tiny travel (sun) tent?!


There, I said it. (again)

Nighty Night on Day 1 in Taipei! Amazing room with a whole double bed for my boy H. Thanks Tavo and Chingju! Here we have some flip flopping from my boy and some tent-escaping from my girl.

Taiwan nights 2 and 3 . Loving his big bed.

The morning after night 4, which included another bloody nose, which explain why H's bed is stripped. And look at my girlie. She loves her tent. She's snoozing away.

Taiwan night 5. Back in a clean bed. So cozy. Sad to say goodbye that day.

Nights 1 and 2 in Colorado after a double-long day flying over the International Date Line!

We are LOOOVING the home we are borrowing in Colorado. H sleeps on the bottom (nevermind the pink covers) and sweet N is in a pack n' play... which is what she has slept in in Africa since she was a wee babe.

But we didn't settle in too long before we headed...

...Camping!! Night 1 of camping. This is the kitchen table folded down with N's tent on one side and H blocked in on the other side with the duffel.

Don't judge that we're in a cabin (with a toilet, fridge, hot plate and sink) and not roughing it in a tent. We're tough travelers, but we're not stupid. Ha! This is the way to do it folks. Take my word!

And yes, I am STILL allowed to call in camping. Just sayin'.

Night 2 camping. I love that they sleep so well in close proximity to each other. They are serious snoozing troopers!

After those two nights, we returned to the lovely borrowed home in Colorado. We've been here since.

And thus ends the tour of the traveling snoozers.

Thanks for comin'.


  1. Since I read through the entire post and not only did I care, but every single picture made my heart burst, do I fit in the grandparent category?

  2. Ha! Well, I suppose all the Aunties liked the post too! And you def. qualify as one of those!!! xoxo


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