03 July 2011

Baby Braxton Photo Reel

When we went to meet Baby Braxton on Friday my heart melted as soon as I laid eyes on him!

He's the sweetest boy. He hardly made a peep and he let me take lots of pictures of him. He even said "Thank you Auntie Suz". He's so polite too, huh?

Love this face!

If I have told ya once, I've told ya a thousand times. This baby is the spittin' image of his Daddy!

I love this shot with the bright window backlighting. It was a gorgeous summer day in Ohio. Blue sky, green everything else. What you don't see in these photos is that I spent some of my day floating in the pool in the backyard.

Yes. I got to hold a newborn babe AND float in a pool (and read a People mag and eat smoked chicken and spend time with family and and and) all in ONE day! Glory Halleluiah!

Mama's kisses. I can hardly take it.

Baby toes! AHHHH!! Love them!!

Zero months. So fresh. So new. Babies are such miracles.

This one is maybe my fav. He's so alert. Love his baby blues.

Here are the three cousins. H is the BEST big cousin ever. He loves baby Braxton so much! He asks to hold him all the time. He kisses him. He talks about how cute his ears are. He wants to see his little feet and then kisses them. He talks about how nice the baby is to other adults at various other times of day.

He. Loves. Him.

And I love him.

Both of them.

All three of them actually.

In fact they about make my heart burst.


My eighteen month old firecracker of a daughter didn't have the same gentle touch. She just wanted to see what it felt like to put her finger in his mouth.


And then she wanted to get down to demand something from someone or throw a fit.

Or look really cute and grin and giggle.

Or play with the dog that is way bigger than her that she has no fear of.

Or tumble down the stairs again.

Or throw her bottle on the ground again.

Or throw the crayons on the floor again.

Or say "Bubber" and make you squeal with delight.

Ya never know what you're gonna get, frankly. She's delightful. I love her!

Anyway... she skipped off to do something else and H is still taking great care of the baby.

Oh. The bear!

If Braxton even so much as made a funny face during the day, my boy H would either run for the bear and shove it at the baby to make him feel better and stop crying or if he wasn't able to do it himself, he would insist that someone else get that bear for the baby, and quick! It was so sweet.

We love you Braxton. Always and forever.

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