08 July 2011

First Haircut

Somehow, I became my family's personal hair stylist. Not that I have any training. Not that I have any CLUE what I am doing.

But it's pretty much worked out okay for the past seven years since I married Mikey. His curly hair is forgiving.

And it's pretty much worked out for the past three years since my boy has been getting hair cuts. Toddler hair is pretty forgiving.

But I'm entering a new stage.

It's called cutting GIRL hair. And that is NOT the same as cutting BOY hair.

No, not the same. Not at all.

Sweet N got her first cut yesterday. It was time. Her bangs were in her eyes all the time.

Here's the before. She's pretty good at the 'before' makeover face, huh?

And here's the after! Don't you love that 'after' grin?

What you don't see in the in between is her fussing and whining and yanking her head in every direction whenever I tried to grab her bangs and hold them still. You also don't see a Mama freaking out cause she doesn't know HOW to cut girl hair. And a Mama that was way more freaked out about messing up her girlie's hair than she has EVER been about messing up either of her boy's hair. (Sorry honey. It's true).

But in the end, I did it! (It was only one snip after all!)

'High five little sis! You survived your first hair cut with Mom!'

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