04 July 2011

Happy Fourth!

I have to say... I love being in the country for this holiday! We truly have much to celebrate as a country. SO much to be thankful for.

We started the day out the hometown parade! I love hometown parades.

It was a little drizzly, so a great spot wasn't hard to find or keep!

Before the parade, I tried to get some cute photos of my kiddos in their patriotic outfits (thanks Grammi!) This one is good, huh? She's just so sweet!

But the other fifty I took were similar to this. Eyes closed. Upset face.

A looking-down-er and a scream-at-the-top-of-his-lungs-for-no-reason-er.

Still-looking-away-er and a silly-face-er.

Finally looking at the camera and a looking-away-from-camera AND still-screaming-er.

Then I gave up. Maybe I'll try again in ten years. Wait. They'll be a tween and a teen by then (boo hoo) and I don't think that they'll be much more willing by then.

Oh well.

I did get a shot of those sweet piggies! They're totally crooked, I know. But she's got the art of resisting Mama putting in pigtails down to a science and it's challenging, to say the least! I'll take what I can get, frankly.

Let's get this parade started!

I think we have similar hair genes, what do you think?

One time I told H "You should wave and say 'Hi!' to the people in the parade".

He took me seriously. Cause he did it at least once to EVERY SINGLE ENTRY the ENTIRE TIME. And loud! I think the firemen could totally hear him over the rumble of their trucks even!

I love that boy.

Not sure.

Come back!

My kids both had the candy gathering thing down. There was some fear ahead of time that throwing candy in parades had been outlawed. But thank you JESUS that wasn't true. Cause the candy gathering thing is just half of the fun of the parade. Even if we did just throw most of it away after I ate all the Starbursts.

Meeting celebrities.

And on a side-note, my daughter has no fear of dogs (real or costumed). Even bigs ones. In fact she loves them and wants to touch them and be licked by them. And she says 'wuff wuff' whenever she sees one!

After the parade we drove to the next town over for a family picnic. But the kiddos were pooped and zonked in the car on the way there and continued to sleep in the parking lot for at least a half an hour after we arrived.

Am I pushing them too much these days?


But I can't stop myself! There is just too much fun stuff to do in this country!

They can always sleep in Africa, I say, where there is little or nothing very exciting to do.

Once they woke up, they joined the picnic which included all these (second?) cousins! Nine of them to be exact. Including brand new baby Braxton. If you include the other three boys that weren't there and one more boy in the belly of cousin Lisa... that's more than a football team of boys, and only two sweet lil' girlie cheerleaders!

There was a long un-planned water fight between some little kids and adults too!

It was so much fun to watch! (And I stayed dry!)

Sweet N never got into the water fight, but she did happily play in this tap forever!

There were also wagon rides which my kids loved. I always wanted to be pulled around in a wagon when I was a kid (especially at the Zoo where I always saw other kids in wagons!). So I lived vicariously through my kiddos' wagon rides.

And then Sweet N happily pushed the loaded wagon around in the grass. Yes, she could actually push it and she was quite proud of herself too.

After the picnic, some of the party re-located to the firework spot to wait for the show. My girlie didn't join the fun, but went home with Grammi and Poppi instead.

Glow sticks are new to my boy.

So fun.

Not new to me. But still fun to me.

H has never really seen the fireworks before. He liked it but spent most of the time covering his ears. Unless he was shoving Cheese Nips in his mouth like in this photo. Even kids have priorities.

It was a great show!

Hard to see in this photo, but by the time the finale came around, H was face-down on the blanket with hands smashed over his ears. It was super cute.

When it was over we finally headed home and he was asleep in the car about 2.5 minutes into the ride with his glow stick in hand.

What a wonderful day it was.

Happy Fourth!

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