14 July 2011

First Try

Today I started packing. No, we're not leaving yet. But just because getting stuff done ahead of time brings great joy to my heart.

I had an packing opportunity to seize today and I did! My kiddos both zonked out this afternoon. Did I ever tell you that I stopped giving H naps daily about a month ago? Well, I did. But after a week of VBS in the morning and playing with nephew D in the afternoon combined with lots of other fun American summer activities, my boy is getting sorta wore out. And my girlie is breaking more molars, which means she's super fun, lemme tell ya. And she's tired too.

All THAT to tell ya that they both slept this afternoon SOOOOOO I did the big ol' dump all the extra stuff we bought for the next year on the bed and start filling a trunk thing.

It's so fun.

Trunk #1, if you care. Number one out of seven pieces of free luggage we get to take back. Yay! International flyers don't get charged for bags.

There is a God.

We always buy these big black trunks. Love them. Way cheaper than suitcases and just as functional. They don't have wheels, but that's no problem because we are WAAAAAY past being able to roll all our luggage up to the check in counter like we used to be able to when it was just me and Mikey traveling. We have to load up a cart (or more than one cart) with bags anyway and these stack as good as anything.

Gee, this post is getting long.

I really only wanted to tell you one thing.

And that one thing is about this handy dandy luggage scale.

And that it told me that the trunk I packed weighted exactly 50 lbs. ON MY FIRST TRY!

I'm so pleased with myself.


That's all.

Good night.

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